My Zeus & the Random guy in traffic

Every Sunday, no matter where we are at we take Zeus for a ride. We call it our family day. Today in traffic we took a trip out to the country to let him see where his steak dinners start out. I have cattle on my Texas and Missouri property. But it’s nice to get him out.

Took him in to the city so I could run to the post office and check my P.O. box. A guy pulled up behind us on a crotch rocket and with a full faced helmet. Zeus came UNGLUED!!!!

He went from happy 240 lb Rottie to I’m going to go through the back window because I think it’s Joe to I WANT TO EAT THE MOTHER FUCKER BEHIND US BECAUSE ITS THE GUY WHO WANTS TO KILL MOM BECAUSE THATS WHAT THE COPS SAID AND THE GUY WHO WANTS TO KILL MOM DRIVES A MOTORCYCLE AND WEARS A HELMET LIKE THAT HAS A FULL FACE. Zeus knows Joe wants to kill his mom according to the police. So my 240 lb Rottie said FUCK YOU for over a mile to the guy behind us with loud shaking barks and bassy growls. He even shook my shake all on my face at one point as you can see in the video.

When the guy pulled away, Zeus came up to me like “mom, I got you protected” and he calmed down.

I started laughing. Here is a small snippet of it after I got him some what calmed down.

Well, at least I know if the shit stain of a male came anywhere near me my dog would eat him.Fuck stain worthless ass will not make it out alive. I will never be a victim again with my dog around and my dog sleeps at the edge of my bed. I wish he would break in again…..LOL he would be dinner!!!!


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