Need to read my business emails more

I don’t  read my business emails as often as I should. I neglect them. I will admit that. I was reading through them, taking a break from my dissertation and came across the “thank you” email from the professor I sent the design for my solar fed all natural water filtration system and self-composting household size septic system.

He is in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and teaches at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He teaches environmental sciences and works a lot in the field as an environmental manager to help implement and ensure sustainable and clean development. The area of the country he is currently working closely in has been plagued with contamination and really is very primitive still according to him.

I sent him a copy of the first prototype of the two systems. He is implementing them in the area he is working in to help the villages have clean water and septic. This will reduce their risk of infection and disease exponentially. He thanked me so many times in this email I laughed. Every other sentence was “thank you”. In my head I read it in his voice which is very South African which made it even funnier.

Think Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” routine “what have you done for me lately Eddie” where he marries a South African woman and they get into an argument. That was the accent in my head.

Anyway, I get to the bottom of the email and it is the part where I start to tear up. He has placed me on the nominee list for a honorary Doctorate from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University for helping him. I emailed him back saying NO! This is not something I can accept because it is something that I think every human is entitled to. Clean running water and septic is something that every human is something every human should have. I was floored when I read that. I told him I am very humbled by even the thought of such a thing.

I am only one person who just happens to be intelligent enough to have designed a few things that are patent pending here in the United States and if I can help people with it, well then so be it.

I guess I should check my email more often.

That and I missed a really good coupon for dinner on my birthday at one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas for $100. I was a little mad about that considering who were were with on Tuesday. But we were with him at his restaurant so I guess I can’t complain really.

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