The delusional one returns

Driving home from a day of treasure hunting at my favorite thrift store  (no good finds ) I hear notification message tone to off. 

“Warning a crazy bitch is attempting to contact you. Do not pick up.” With loud sirens in the background. 

It’s the sound that’s played when my mother in law contacts me. 

Six days since her last text message, she contacts me again. 

As you can see from my reply I have her a bit of her own medicine and it shut her right up. 

Her delusions are hilarious. It makes me wonder if she shares the same meth syringe as Joe or crack pipe as his girlfriend. She is predictable. She will read this blog. 
UPDATE: I check my stats on my blogs and websites. Low and behold what do I see? BAM! Right on schedule! She is so freaking predictable. Like shooting fish in a barrel. 

If you’re on a mobile it’s easier because you can zoom it. 

She read it at 23:53. So predictable. So predictable. 

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