Fashion advice..HELP 

I am a tomboy. I hunt. I fish. I play on my ATVs. I get muddy. My favorite dress up is my best jeans, tank top and a pair of Chucks. I am thin…with curves. I have a traditional, literally bombshell hour glass figure. I feel awkward in a dress and heels. You’d think with my figure I’d wear dresses …A LOT! 


Well, I need fashion help! 

My guy got invited to a formal wedding. He said its for a co worker and he wants me to go. And I have to wear a dress. Yes, as in fancy scmancy kind of deal. It’s at a mansion. Literally a mansion estate. I say again, I have to wear a dress. 


Enter me with all my ink and all my education…you know the one with serious anxiety…into a social environment with people I don’t know. Holy balls  on fire Batman! Throw in it’s at a mansion estate where the people are uber rich and I’m pretty sure going to be uber judgemental. Fuck my life! I already want to throw up and I have not even got to the dress part. 

I need fashion advice. I own dresses. But they are cocktail dresses. No, not club dresses. Cocktail dresses. I know the difference. I will be 44 in less than a week. 

What kind of dress do I wear to a formal wedding that is held at a mansion estate? It is on a Sunday, indoors, early spring, in Florida at 5 pm. Again, formal wedding. 
Any REAL fashion advice would be great. 

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