Delusional much???

I took the first step in my divorce since Joe doesn’t want to cooperate. One of my attorneys have been in touch with him and he refused to cooperate. He was warned over and over that we would file on February 14 if he didn’t cooperate. 

Well we did. He refused to give up his proper mailing address, so we got the latest according to public record and the Post Office. 

We decided to file in Florida, not Texas or Nevada or even Missouri where I own land that he cannot stake claim, because I have maintained my resident status there. I have my drivers licence and all my vehicles registered in Florida. It makes it easier. I have property in Florida as well. Makes life so much easier. 

My attorney has a branch office in Florida where his partner will represent me. We filed and sent off a nice package off to his address. 

I sent it restricted delivery with return receipt. This means only HE CAN SIGN FOR IT AND HAD TO SHOW ID.  I text his mother. Queen delusional showed up. She’s either on the pipe or had another stroke. 

She stopped texting after the last message when I called her out on the felony of sending the suboxone, her children doing drugs and then of course the drug dealing. 

Idiots. And yes, we already have an order stating no telephonic hearing for Joe. Either show up or an attorney. Not showing up, I get EVERYTHING including 80% of his benefits plus. He has zero clue what’s coming. 

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