Dear Russian Reader in Moscow Russia

Dear reader of this blog who lives in Moscow , Russia, (who reads it on Firefox on Rostelecom on your desktop from Windows XP)

Being I am half Russian and Italian, I am blessed with the best of both worlds. I am a lover of both my ethnic backgrounds. My Russian side is a lover of borscht, solyanka soup, golubtsy with sour cream, blini, potato okroshka, khachapuri, zharkoye, pelmeni and pirozhki. However, of course these are all things I can make.

I love  morozhenoe (more than I should to be honest). It is strawberry season here too. Throw them on top and it is like I have died and went to heaven. Since I moved, there is no Russian culture here so I cannot find any morozhenoe. Which is very depressing.

I make some great chak-chak. I am thankful I exercise a lot and eat healthy and don’t make this a lot because I would be very fat. LOL I only make this every now and then.

I know some of this is and can be considered Georgian. It was passed down from generations for me. My family on the Russian side roots are spread like a tree. Branched all over the place and spread wide.

Can you tell I am a foodie though?

However, what I cannot find and cannot seem to get ordered is Бабаевский Элитный 75%! The best I have ever had in my entire life! I have looked all over the internet high and low. No where to be found can I order this delicious, mouth watering bliss! I once thought I had some in my sights and to be sent in time for the February 23rd holiday. However, it was Alenka. I like Alenka but it is not the same.

Call me spoiled. Call me picky. I just have standards. I don’t even care that it has 545 calories. It is well worth every bite.

When you read this again, please email me at and point me to a website where I can order it that will export to the United States. I will be forever in your debt.


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