Happy Valentines early to my husband(Laundry day)

I thought I would give my husband an early Valentines day gift. A reality check! It is time to put the laundry on the line. Dirty laundry that is!

Reality can be a hard pill to swallow for some. And for Joe, his mother and everyone they lie to I guess it is something they choke on.

One thing I have learned that narcissist and abusers hate the most is reality when it is shoved in their face with proof. When their world comes crashing in because they no longer have the control, it is like a FemBot in Austin Powers… HEAD EXPLODING!

Joe and his mother both deny him beating me. (despite him being convicted of a felony for trying to kill me and raping me. I proved this in a blog post you can read hereHis mother even had knowledge of the last incident which you will see in a text. and admits to it.)

Joe and his mother deny I was in the hospital for him beating me and have no knowledge of it (you will see below that is a lie)

Joe and his mother both deny I paid all the bills (you will see below that is a lie.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER)

Joe and his mother deny he is drug addict (you will see below that is a lie.. even a photo of a spoon I found and him admitting it is his because he did METH in my bathroom and SHOT IT UP!)

Joe claims he got PTSD from me but you will see below otherwise.

Joe claims I was I was the problem. You will see below quickly where the problem really was.

And no I am not editing out the phone numbers. FUCK THEIR FEELINGS. Plus it is no longer his phone number and honestly I could give two fucks any more about what they think. I have been asking for a divorce for almost two years and he refuses to divorce me while he lays up with a junkie collecting money from the VA for being married.


(they might be out of order because there are a shit ton of them. I do apologize ahead of time)


I was out of town on business and I got this text message from my living room. Him in my Tiki girl outfit. This was his way of telling me he was in my house when he wasn’t supposed to be. He was arrested shortly there after.


He didn’t even live with me. I had his truck towed because he didn’t live with me and it didn’t run.


As you can see I told him in this text, I was moving at the end of the month. The first part of August 2015. 


I had found a spoon in my drawer in my bathroom that he used for meth. He shot up drugs in my bathroom. You will see in the next text where he admits to using drugs in my house. I used to travel with work. I found out later he had been breaking in my house, coming in through a window in my front room.


He was sending me this from his friend Dave’s house… where he was shooting up meth.




You can see where I said I paid for almost everything. I paid for all the bills. He occasionally food. That is it.


I called this his honeymoon routine. The “baby I am so sorry” phase. He would butter me up and within a couple weeks he would break in high and beat me.


He couldn’t even be honest to his counselor. I asked him what he left out to see if he would be honest to even her. I wanted to know if he told her about him beating and raping me and why he was in the criminal justice system. Little did he know he had forgotten he downloaded and saved his password to his VA medical log in on the laptop. I had seen everything he told his counselor and the notes she took. He told her I kicked him out and his life was coming to an end.


His honeymoon phase. Sound familiar.


Hey how can you get PTSD from me but you have PTSD and they want to pay you for it in July 2015?


This is me telling him it wasn’t me this time that called the police. It was the neighbors who called the last time he broke in because they heard me screaming while he was beating me. And it is was me telling him that I was done with him abusing me. 


This is the conversation on July 16, 2015 discussing how he has PTSD. Wait, I thought I gave him PTSD but he already had it according to his VA records (and yeah no it is actually fake too and I have proof of that)



This is a conversation with his mother where she has knowledge of the abuse and the surgeries from the attack in August 2015, the fact I have been asking for a divorce where I need a VALID address where he lives and she yet has to actually give up an actual address.



This is a conversation with his mother where she has knowledge of the level of abuse done by her son, the damages and the charges. She had knowledge in SEPTEMBER 2015


This is a conversation with his mother. Again she refuses to cooperate with the divorce in October 2015.. but I am the bad guy right? I am the crazy one right? I am the one wanting the divorce and they are the ones refusing to cooperate while lying to people and lying to his girlfriend. Sadly both her and Joe knew about my land and the need for the divorce and yet neither of them want to cooperate with the divorce. See under the law it has to be the address he LIVES. Not his mothers address or it is not a valid service. For people who want to get rid of me and say I am such an issue, you would think they would want to cooperate. Crazy much? Narcissists! 


This is a conversation with his mother where she had knowledge of MORE medical damage done by the August 2015 attack and how I want a divorce. Again, no cooperation. Yet, they want to get rid of me and claim “I thought it was over”. We are not divorced. We are still married. Right now though there is a very large reward for a person who helps bring Joe in. He is wanted in both State crimes and Federal crimes. The reward is VERY large. The reward will be paid off upon successful prosecution. The last tip turned out to be a false tip and the person put the Marshals on a goose chase. I am sure they will be taking care of that on their end but whatever. 


The text message sent to his mother with a photo of the damage Joe did to my house while I was in the hospital. Ripped ceiling fixtures out of the ceiling. She had knowledge and condoned his actions. 


Text sent to his mother with damage done by Joe he ripped fixtures out of the bathroom and off the walls. She had knowledge of the property damage. She condoned it. 


Text message sent to his mother about police report made for his felony property damage. Over $11,000 in property damage done by Joe and she condones it. Yes, there is a warrant for his arrest for this. She condones it. She has full knowledge of it. 


He was in jail at the time of the text message. Oh but wait, that is right according to her he never went to jail for what he did to me. As you can see that is wrong. 


He signed my title to my Cadillac to drug dealers, forging my name to sell to them for meth. That didn’t go over too well. As you can see she responded back and had full knowledge of where he was at and even said what she said. She can’t lie anymore. Yes, there is a warrant for forgery and for him attempting to sell my car to drug dealers. 


I moved out of my home and moved into a safe environment where he could no longer come into my home. This text you can see he is gets special privilege and buys his way out. 


This is a text where she was further informed about the damages and her son attacked me while I was undergoing cancer treatments. 


This text shows I paid for everything. He paid for NOTHING


His own mother asks about his drug tests


I had to be moved for my safety because of the threats coming in. 


She had further knowledge of the damages he caused and how he was illegally at my house. 


He will never admit to anything that will incriminate him. 


Again, never admit to fault or admit to anything. I ended up having to have complete reconstructive surgery on my left side of my face. 


He was accusing me of not having cancer. I ended of going through almost 18 months of radiation therapy.


He wasn’t anywhere around. He wasn’t allowed around me in the first place. However, he followed me to the appointment. I didn’t want to cause a scene and let him in the appointment after he accused me of not being there. Then he caused a huge fight. I hate being late so I leave early to everything. He accused me of cheating with the doctor. 


He logged into my phone account and looked through my phone log to see who I was calling. He called everyone on my phone list and started harassing them. 


no matter what I said, he accused me of lying. I sold my car to get money because I had just started recovery from being beat almost to death and was not able to work for three months.


He stalked me for 6 months. 


This is the text that got him thrown in jail again. Stalking is illegal in Florida. 


He called the number and by calling it, he officially proved he was stalking me. I had him thrown in jail for stalking. 


The numbers he listed are two of my friends and they are my very good friends. He logged on to my phone account which is not in his name and has been in my name since way before we met. He called every one on my list and harassed them. This text and a couple other texts got him thrown in jail for stalking 


He never once even said sorry for any of the abuse. He never once even acknowledged the abuse. He always said it was my fault. He said it was my fault he beat and raped me. 


I don’t think ANY woman deserves to be treated like this! No woman who pays all the bills, does everything for a man deserves to be treated like a punching bag


He never said he was sorry. Hell he never admitted to shit and never stopped with the threats. 


I was warned about him and I didn’t listen. I told him about the damage he did and he didn’t give a shit. He never even said he was sorry. Sadly, I warned his current girlfriend and I got told to fuck off and get a life. His family protect him. His druggie sister AnnMarie thinks this is a game. I don’t think his ex Melissa thought it was a game when he was abusing her. I don’t think his ex wife Chrissy was thinking it was a game when he was abusing her. I don’t think the other women including the ones he raped and beat which is why he got kicked out of the Marines thought it was a game. He is a very dangerous man!


This text is from the ER right after he tried to kill me. This after they cleaned me up and after surgery in my room. 


He asked what hospital was I at. I was scared to tell him I was scared he was going to come and kill me. 


This was from the hospital room. 


This was from the hospital room. I didn’t know he knew I was at the hospital. I learned later that the neighbor told him I went in an ambulance. He called the cops 6 hours later and said I beat him up because he knew he had to cover his ass. He lied to the cops. The charges got dropped against me. The cops even talked to me and didn’t arrest me. The State’s Attorney after seeing all the medical evidence dropped the charge against me. 


The doctor had given me some pain meds for all the pain I was in. I am surprised this even came out. I honestly don’t even remember texting this. You can tell I was pretty pissed. This was from the hospital.


He cheated with over 80 women while we were together in the few short months living as husband and wife. Sadly all of them were meth and crack whores. We got married Feb 28. He hit me April 7 and I kicked him out on the same day. From August 22 2014 to April 7, he cheated with over 80 women and all junkies. Many in MY bed! I ended up with a detached retina and had to have surgery that night in the ER. 


He has genital warts. I don’t have them. I was checked for a full panel of STDs including HEP and HIV. Because of all the whores he slept with the growths on his penis, I felt it safe to be checked by my primary doctor.


This was from the hospital after surgery. I was stoned out of my gord from pain meds. I was not liking life at all. I had just been tried to be murdered and was raped by my husband. Reality had not set in fully yet.


He did end up telling everyone I fucked my ex husband and I left him for another man. Which is not the truth. I had a friend help me move my stuff out who had access to a box truck and mad sure I could get some of my stuff out safely without being murdered. 


That was always his reason to get into an argument. He always said I was cheating. It wasn’t because he could be to blame. It wasn’t because he beat me. It wasn’t because he didn’t pay one bill. It wasn’t because I paid to go see his kids. It wasn’t because of any other reason. It was always because in his head I cheated

See now Funny how the truth can be so telling. Oh I have more but I may save that for our anniversary. I may save the Apple iCloud or maybe the video I am making for our anniversary.


Happy Valentines Joseph Michael De Riso, oh Darling Husband of mine.

I hope you choke on Reality!

I will be serving up a healthy dose of reality real soon. I will be reading off a nice bed time story via records I was given because I am the spouse! 

All this could stop but see for some reason they don’t want to cooperate so I will just keep serving up the one thing narcissists hate… REALITY and LACK OF POWER and CONTROL over other people. 


If you wish to help turn Joe in, or have the exact whereabouts or how to get in touch with him, your tip will be considered anonymous. Please call (941) 218-0051 and leave a voice mail.

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