Throwback Thursday

Two months ago I wrote about Joe and his escapades of getting arrested and convicted. Seems Satan’s mom seems to think that he never spent any time in jail and no he was never found guilty of any charges – especially those that included rape in the wording. 

Read here to even see his full sentencing sheet that he signed
I was talking to one of HIS friends this morning getting info to have him picked up and served (they thanked me because the reward will help get their roof fixed) and he laughed. He said everyone knows Joe is a crackhead. Always has been. Always will be. Look at his teeth. Nasty. 

He said his girlfriend Chaka five-head is a junkie too like Joe and let’s him best on her. Oh well not my problem. Let them kill each other. 

So enjoy the throw back post. If you’re in you’re mobile you can zoom in easier. Enjoy. 

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