Warrant…just one of many 

A little bit back I said I would start putting it all out on the line. Well, let’s start with warrant number one. 

If you go to 

Follow the following steps

1. Bottom right corner under PUBLIC ACCESS click “case search”

2. The next page that comes up, click “public”

3. On the Disclaimer page, click “I agree”

4. This will bring you to a search page. Last name DERISO. First name JOSEPH  click search

5. This will take you to the page where you see his name. Click the arrow in the circle next to his name. It will drop cases down. 

6. Click the case with the case number 422013DR004428DRAXXX.  It should say “Active Process” on the right side and should be the third case listed. 

7. This is a child support case which he is in the rears for over $18,000 plus violation of court orders. The first line where it say “Active Process Warrant of Attachment”, in the State of Florida is a Warrant of arrest. If law enforcement comes across him, they are ordered to pick him up. At this point it is a felony and Florida will extradite him. 

There is a reward for successful prosecution. Your tip that leads to successfully prosecuting him can remain anonymous email TheZendr@yahoo.com or call  (941)218-0051 

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