This is your warning shot

As I have said many times and I will say again, this blog is tracked. Every time anyone reads it, everything is tracked. Your IP. Your GeoLocation. Your pages you read. How long you spend on each page. What page you start off on. What page you exit on. What page you stay the longest. What type of device you you use. What ISP you use. What system you use. EVERYTHING. I have been told that it is hype and that no it is not true. I have put the disclaimer out there. I do it for  my own reasons which I will not disclose.

To prove it, I will post a tidbit from one of the services I use. It is just one of nine that I use. Yes, nine.

I have blackened out the IP addresses so no one can be hacked and blame it on me.

joe post 21.jpg

The other services I use are much more detailed. However, I didn’t feel like going through the process of blacking out a lot of very sensitive information. So know when you read my blog to the De Riso clan and their band of idiots, yes I am tracking you. The other services actually tell me what the name of the person each ISP is listed under. It is that detailed. So in the case of my husband, I hope he knows his girlfriend does in deed read my blog A LOT. More than he thinks. Chaka fivehead reads it a lot. I am sure by now she had been to the links provided and there will be more soon. As I said I am laying it all on the line. I don’t care and I will not stand down to the DeRiso Family. Nor will my friends. So yes you are tracked to the DeRiso family! You are tracked!

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