Some people’s children

I have news pages on my phone I subscribe to from areas I lived. I’m read the headline that was a jaw dropper. Of course we all like a good juicy story. 

I click on it. It’s in the area my friend lives that I have listed on Facebook I live  (Killeen Texas). I live in Texas while the weather is cold with snow, just not Killeen. 

I’m reading the article and it’s a male that’s been to my house before. I freaked the Hell out. I’m not in Texas right now. I’m in the tropics with my friend. 

I called my attorney first. He already said the sheriff contacted him. He gave me the number. I called sheriff’s office it happened in. I left a message. I can’t share everything my attorney said. But i can say Joe is a mother Fucker. This is twice now the police have been involved with this type of shit. 

Once his friends turned him in. His friend some where near Seffner Florida saying something about he had a gun. This time..well, he fucked himself because he involved a snitch who got caught. 

Oh the Seffner snitch came forward on Facebook. And she is still friends with him on Facebook giving up info. 

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