Inmate of the month goes to…

My fabulous mother in law said my amazing (sarcasm) piece of shit husband never spent a day in jail. Time to play…lets prove the lying sea hag wrong. 

First open your browser to the Hillsborough County Jail 

You can find find it here
Follow the following directions 

1. You will see several boxes. Enter exactly the follow DERISO, JOSEPH. 

2. On the right hand side click “by name”. Type the cache letters in the box. Hit the inquire button. 

3. You should see the list of all the times he was arrested including the amount of time he spent in COUNTY lock up. That doesn’t include the time he spent as part of his plea deal which was not in COUNTY. 
You can see from previous blogs his own mother, MaryAnne DeRiso said he never spent one day in jail. You can see by following these simple instructions, she’s right. He didn’t spend one day in jail. He spent multiple. As in more than one. As in more than a few weeks. 
Don’t worry I’m not done proving them wrong. 

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