I think he has officially lost it

He has officially lost it! So the drama from him and his clan of helmet wearing, window licking, meth smoking, crayon eating delusional bunch of idiots who victim blame are still at it. And this time they are even talking to their self. Yeah.. actually carrying conversation with their self. Oh it gets better. They are actually delusional enough to deny he went to jail for beating and raping me. Because you know mug shots, police reports, jail reports, inmate searches and all that lie. OOPS PUBLIC RECORDS IS A FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!

Like they say on the infomercials, wait there is more. SOOOOO him and his clan of idiots, including his delusional mother who enables his behavior and his junkie sister who does coke and doesn’t take care of her own child (must run in the family), are carrying on about how I am the mental case and his friends are believing his lies, my friends and I are laughing so hard because of the plans coming up that are going to rock the worlds of so many people.

In the meanwhile, he is still bad at math and needs his eyes checked. He keeps calling me fat. I guess next to what he is used to seeing (meth heads and crack heads) I am fat at 122 lbs.

He keeps calling me a whore. I am dying laughing over that one considering I can’t have sex because of what he did to me.When you set someone’s vagina on fire and sodomize their anus to the point they have to have reconstructive surgery, just saying you can NEVER have sexual relations AGAIN!  I would post a photo but I am not him and I don’t do porn or filth. Apple iCloud is so telling. 🙂 He keeps transferring his guilt and in such an angry manner.

Then there is one person that comments that ironically enough gave up a lot of information about him. A lot. Including the name of one of the females he raped while in middle school which reached to me. Ahh poor Joey. Poor Poor Joey.

If life is so bad, why not just cooperate and divorce me? Oh wait that would be too much? And how do you know how much property I have exactly to the exact amount? And I have no pigs. I wouldn’t want any reminders of filth or his family on my property. I don’t eat pork. They are filthy.


I extracted the circled part to make it bigger so you could see it.


All these photos will be available on https://www.facebook.com/NiksWorldVBlog/ for you to see and enlarge so you can see he was convicted of a FELONY battery which included for rape. The original arrest at first was for first degree misdemeanor battery because they were not sure of the gravity of the situation and it is mandatory under Florida laws. He plead guilty to FELONY Battery! There are CURRENTLY WARRANTS for his arrest in FLORIDA.

So please to those who believe his lies, you can go to Hillsborough County Clerk of court which I put in one of my last few posts with a link and input his name. It is the second case. You will see not only did he take a please, he was arrested SEVERAL times for violating for beating me. BREAKING IN and beating me up. AND He also NEVER PAID HIS FINE which is one of the reasons he has a warrant. Believe the cunt, my mother in law, MaryAnne DeRiso if you wish. But even that cunt tried paying his way out of jail. One time the Judge told her on the phone in the courtroom, “NO ma’am, your son will remain in jail  because he needs to be held.”

And I shouldn’t have to show my medical records to him! FUCK HIM AND HIS FAMILY! I have put my brain injury records out there. That is good enough. FUCK HIM AND HIS FAMILY OF drug addicts.

The fact that he brings up my son’s dead father shows what kind of fucking human he is. My son’s father was died in hospice shortly before he was born. He was terminally ill. Fucking scum bag.

He says he won’t live much longer. I hope he does commit suicide. He will do the word a favor. End the pain and suffering for so many people that he has hurt. This is including his children. His children won’t have to grow up knowing their sperm donor is a junkie piece of shit. Next time he fires up those veins, I hope honestly it is the last time. I have never wished it on anyone but he is the best candidate for it. He has hurt so many women. Not just me.

His karma will catch up to him and when it does, I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch him take his last breath. I actually prayed last night asking God why I couldn’t exchange my dog that I had to put down this morning for Joe. My dog never did anything wrong to anyone. Joe is a worthless piece of shit. I watched my dog take his last breath this morning at the vet’s office and thought, I wish it was my husband instead. His karma will catch up to him and it will be in the form of a needle. He will fire up his veins and he will finally drop out. I will be the happiest person on earth.

Oh thank you to the literally 140,978 people who read this blog in the last 24 hours and the over 100,000 people who shared this photo


Thank you to the over 100,000 who shared this photo


And thank you to everyone who shared the hashtag #IGotPTSDFromTryingToKillMyWife

That shit was funny as Hell on social media last night. I was dying laughing from some of the jokes about it.

“Just like I got PTSD from watching the election”

“Is that like getting PTSD from going to my family’s holiday get togethers”

“Can you get PTSD from looking at Tweets about getting fake PTSD”

“If you get PTSD from that I got PTSD from watching WWE”

“I GOT PTSD OCD LCD REM ADHD Walk This Way oh shit shiny lights”

“PTSD from trying to kill your wife is like eating taco bell to get constipated”

“He must be a crackhead”

“I bet he gets a check #PTSDLIBERAL”



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