PTSD from Attempted Murder

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How do you get PTSD from attempted murder? That is the question of the day.  They say you learn something new every day. Today I learned a few things.

  1. Joe is one of the biggest liars on the face of the earth.
  2. He has antisocial personality disorder.
  3. He needs to be committed to a psychiatric facility.
  4. He is a very violent person still who hides from the truth and when faced head on with it, he tries to hide from it by blocking it out and attacking people.
  5. He actually thinks that, I the victim, is the one to blame for everything.
  6. He has been grooming his new victim just as he done me.
  7. My friends rock.
  8. People on social media are amazing.
  9. Hashtags are awesome. #IGotPTSDFromTryingToKillMyWife

I am laughing about it because he hides like a little boy.


You can see here where he ended up taking the plea deal on March 4, 2016 for the FELONY with the battery and to include the rape officially in the wording. It is now on his record. HE IS A FELON!


  • He plead GUILTY to the charge to take the plea deal! I never hit him until the last two time he attacked me. The very last time was because I was fighting for my life. Literally!
  • You can see photos, including images of the brain, sinus, nasal, nerve and hearing damage here CLICK HERE

I sleep like a rock. A tornado could come through my house and I wouldn’t hear it. Once I am out, I am out. I grind my teeth. I snore. I am out! He used to break in at night. He said in his post, which he ended up deleting because he got called out on his lies, (why delete it if you aren’t lying?) that he is triggered at night when people move in their sleep. I didn’t move when I slept. So it wasn’t from me. He is triggered because he is haunted by breaking in my home while I slept. I used to sleep on my stomach. I would be woke up by him holding my head in the mattress, suffocating me and forcefully sodomizing me. If I struggled he would punch me in the head. While raping me, he would choke me and hit me in the face. He would hold my hands together with his hand. I weighed 120 lbs at the time. I have gained 5 lbs since then. When he was done, he would start punching me in the face and choking me until I couldn’t breath. Then I would go black.

His “trigger” at night is nothing more than in his head. His “attempts” at suicide is nothing more than a way to garner attention from his newest victim. This is a method of grooming his victim. Typical of antisocial personality disorder.

He had me convinced his ex wife Christine tried to kill him. He had me convinced that his ex father in law beat him up. He had me convinced that his ex wife beat him. He had me convinced that every female before me was evil and vile. Sound familiar?

I have his medical records from the VA still on one of my laptops from previous to me moving to a safe place where he couldn’t harm me. He was diagnosed with PTSD from his auto accident where he hit and killed a doctor on Long Island (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OF THAT CRASH). This was PREVIOUS to him even getting married to me.

How can you get get PTSD from our relationship when you are the offender who tried to kill me but you already have it from being high and killing a doctor? 

So my friends get to posting on his Facebook page defending my name. God bless my friends. They have finally had enough of his shit. He refuses to divorce me. Yet, wait the marriage is that bad and he refuses to cooperate and the nightmare of a relationship blah blah blah. He leaves out so much truth.

My friends took to social media with it as well with the hashtag and it lit up like wild fire. The screenshot of his PTSD lies and the hashtag got shared over 75,000 times with people calling him a pussy, a coward and some names I won’t repeat.


Mug shots don’t lie. Court records don’t lie. I can post my medical records too because they too won’t lie. I have posted my medical images. They don’t lie. They show the complete collapse of the left side of my face from his blows. I, of course, won’t show the damage to my lady parts because that is a tad too intimate.

Why attack the female who share the room with us in Vegas? She ended up leaving a day early because of him. She couldn’t handle him and his mouth and violent outbursts.

Why attack my former guitar player? Truth hurt much. Of the people who commented, it seems they are the two that got to him the most. Ironic it does because they are the two most random. And fat? I weigh 122 lbs currently. I guess that is fat compared to his junkie friends. I am only 5’5. Whore? He is married and dating someone. He cheated with every junkie whore possible while we were together and we are still married. Really??? Fuck I just got back into the dating scene recently and it is with someone I have known since the mid 90s. I would go to work and he would have a meth head in my bed sucking his dick. He had genital warts from some junkie so I stopped having sex with him 2 weeks after we got married. Plus it is not like he could get it up anyway. But then that is what meth does to you when you inject it into you veins. You get limp dick.

Why didn’t I delete/edit out the photos of the friends list? or redact them? They openly support his violence, his abuse, his lies, his drug use and are covering for him hiding from the law. As far as I am concerned they are helping him break the law. You help a criminal, that makes you a criminal. Ignorance is not a viable defense. Ask any law enforcement officer. He has warrants for his arrest. He has broken the law. If you hide out a criminal, you are a criminal. If you don’t do anything to help turn in a criminal or you approve of a male who beats women, then you are as much of a scum bag as he is. If you approve of a male who doesn’t take care of his kids, then you are a scum bag too. If you approve of a male who rapes women, then you are a scum bag too.
If you wish to do something about it and help turn him in, there is a reward for his successful prosecution. Florida is an extradition state. The tip can remain anonymous. You can email or you can call and leave a message with your contact information at (941) 218-0051 This is an answering service only. This is not a working line other than for leaving messages.

Just like this blog, all emails and phone calls are tracked. If you attempt to use a bounce email type of application, it will be rejected and returned.

Yes this blog is tracked. Each time you read this blog, your IP address, your internet service provider, your geolocation within 50 feet, your operating device, what pages you read, how long you were on each page, how you got here (e.g. if you you came from a referral link, Google, social media, etc) and browser type are tracker. This is tracked even if you use a cloaking application. The software embedded within this blog goes beyond the cloaking application.

PTSD from trying to kill your wife! That is a new one for the books. And the relationship was a nightmare. Yeah, well when you are breaking in your wife’s home who you are ordered to stay away from with no violent contact and you beat and rape her, I would say you are right.. FUCKING NIGHTMARE!

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