Narcissist much?

My attorney sends me this bit of information that I found so funny. Since it is on public forum I can share it.Lets go over this line by line.

Well, him and his girlfriend (Chaka) started dating in May of 2016. This is admitted in open forum. In the state I am in this an open admission of adultery and I can fry him like there is no tomorrow. I love it. I joke I have a boyfriend. I don’t. Why? I don’t trust a man. Thank you to this mother fucker.

His “bad relationship” since 2014 he is referring to is me. This laughable considering he is the one who attempted to murder me and is convicted of it. His PTSD is not PTSD. It is a guilty conscious for trying to kill me.When you cause someone to get MULTIPLE surgeries because you beat them so bad it causes PERMANENT damage, I don’t think you as the offender can get PTSD from it. When you bash someone’s head in until you give them traumatic brain injury as he did to me, I don’t think it is the offender that gets PTSD. It is typically the victim. As in my case, I, meaning me, the victim, have PTSD. He has a guilty conscious for beating me to the point I have had multiple surgeries. Then to leave the inference I caused him PTSD and it was something horrible like I beat him or did something worse. Of course he is not going to tell you what it is from because HE DOESN’T HAVE PTSD! HE FUCKING TRIED TO MURDER ME! HE WAS CONVICTED OF A FELONY FOR IT! HE PLEAD GUILTY FOR TRYING TO KILL ME! HE WAS FINGER PRINTED FOR IT! Do you get PTSD from the cops being on to you for having a weapon and wanting to kill your wife? Is that how PTSD works now? Someone should tell him that is not how PTSD works. I am sure he has scammed the VA or the SSA from it.

If you are that fucking disturbed by it all, why not just divorce me? Oh wait, that is right because you aren’t disturbed by it. You are a fucking liar! Lord have mercy I swear to everything in the entire world this is the most warped individual in the entire world. And his mother actually supports him. And people actually believe him.

Here is the thing, he is grooming her like he did me. He did the same thing to me. He did the “I have PTSD” but it was from his car accident where he killed the doctor. He then did the “I have nothing to live for” with me. The same exact shit. I fell for it too. He is too arrogant to to do it. Do I wish suicide on him? Hell yeah I do. I wish he would just do the world a favor and take his own life. He would end the pain for so many women. He would end the pain for the woman he molested when he was in junior high. He would end the pain for the female he beat and while he was a juvenile. He would end the pain for the Japanese women he beat and raped. He would end the pain for the abuse he put his first wife through. He would end the pain he abuse he did to his ex girlfriend. He would end the pain he put the female he brutally beat in Wilmington, NC. He would end the pain for the female he beat and raped in KY. He would end the pain for the female he beat in Daytona. He would end the pain for the female he beat in NY. He would end the pain for me.

Sadly her best friend is convinced he is a great guy. What the fuck kind of friend thinks a guy like that is a great guy? If a female came to me and said “hey look, the guy your best friend is dating is still married and is a convicted felon for beating and raping women” I would be the first one to be like “show me proof”. Instead this female not only was “get a life”, she said “I don’t care”.

What kind of friend is that? Well, when she attends her friend’s funeral can’t say I didn’t warn her. I did my part as an adult female. Jesus lord. It is not like I want him back. I would rather eat jalapenos and  then wipe my ass with a cactus than take that asshole back.

You can go to his profile and ask him yourself if he is so disturbed by it all, why not just give me a divorce. Or even how do you get PTSD from trying to murder someone. How does that work?



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