All dogs go to heaven 

A few months back while in Florida the county came around and asked to spray for Zika. I didn’t think about saying no. I don’t want some funky disease or my dogs getting sick. 

Well my dog Diesel is sick. He has cancer. Shortly after they sprayed he started getting sick. One of this testicle started to swell. Due to the holiday schedule I couldn’t get him in until this Wednesday to get final word. 

Monday my best friend, Diesel, goes to sleep and will never wake up. I am having him cremated so I can keep him with me. It’s breaking my heart. He is the first thing I see in the morning and the last at night. When I have an anxiety attack or am having a moment, he tries to take away my emotional trauma. It’s like he tries to eat it. I have never loved a dog like I love him. I’ve never been so attached. 

I can’t see him suffer. He is in pain. I can’t have him in pain any more. I love him like I gave birth to him. He is my child. Monday my boyfriend is taking off work to make sure I’m okay because I’m going to be a wreck. All dogs go to heaven right? Now he will be able to play with my grandpa Jim and Great Grandpa Vito. 

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