My attorney: Update

My attorney has emailed Joe some half dozen or so times and called his mother, as well he has dispatched his mediators out to get in touch with Joe to about the divorce numerous times over the last 18 months. Nothing. No cooperation. Well, no truthfulness that is to speak of really. See under our state guide lines a real service it must be his ACTUAL address. Not one he DOESN’T reside at and his cunt of a mother, the Queen Psycho herself MaryAnne De Riso, knows that. If I were to have him served there, then it wouldn’t be a valid service and BAM it would be as if it never happened. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I refuse to give them that control!

So my attorney refuses to give them that control as well. Back a bit ago my attorney reached out to his mother about some financial matters to have him contact him so he could sign off on his rights to the money or have him stake his legal rights to his half of the money. Well, he never did contact my attorney. His loss is my gain of course. She is stupid for not giving him the message. That is a lot of meth he could have shot up. It is common knowledge it wouldn’t have been for anything responsible since I am the one who paid all the bills.

My attorney emailed Joe several times with no avail in terms of an answer. He has had him and his girlfriend followed I guess according to what he has said. And I guess he has had his grandma’s house staked out with the Private Investigator. Well, now he has contacted him on Facebook and he has evidence he has read the messages. That is all we need to go forward with the divorce and have him thrown in jail for non-compliance under our state laws. I guess we have to give him so many days to answer or something. I don’t know my attorney was telling me about but I didn’t understand him. But here is the screen shots to prove it. I blacked out my attorney’s email address and Joe’s grandma’s house address. But yeah, got ya Joe. You fucked yourself now.





He said too that he sent something to Joe’s girlfriend Chaka (Brandi). But the blue circle check marks I guess prove he read them. And I guess Chaka has them too. I am laughing because he thinks he is slick. He isn’t so slick because he is going to fuck up and his world will crash on him if he keeps it up.


All I want is a divorce and why he is fighting me I don’t know. He aint getting shit from me. He tried taking my life and he ain’t getting a dime from me. I will die before he gets a fucking dime from me. Now him, he has something coming to him. He has a lot of karma coming to him for what he did to me and others before me.

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