I <3 my friends

I love my friends. They are beyond amazing. Yesterday my brain was having what I call a “Swiss cheese” day. If you are of a certain age, you can remember the show “Quantum leap”. The guy would leap around in time and his brain would get Swiss cheese like with holes and patches in his memory. Mine does the same thing. Oh, the joys of having TBI. I have found when I am overwhelmed it gets worse. This last few weeks has been Hell for me anyways.

One of my friends who had multiple sports related concussions throughout his careers as professional athlete succumb to his depression and took his own life. That hit me hard. He had mild TBI. We talked about that often and I would joke about it with him. However, the depression finally got to him. I have been down in the dumps about it. It finally hit me about it on Friday. Thank goodness for my best friend. He pulled me through my melt down.

Add in not being able to work since the doctor officially declared me disabled on the 27th due how bad things are getting for me. Now I am starting to stress about that. I have never been told “you are disabled”. I forget things way too much. That is scary. My friends joke with me about it. But I laugh it off. The doctor’s said that I am not able to work again because of something to do with my brain. I don’t remember right now what it is and I am not at my house so I can’t look at the paper.

Anyway to the point of this blog post. So my friends came up with a couple great ideas. One, my good friend who just loves (and I say that very sarcastically) Joe made a photo with him on it and called it the “Brock Turner photo”. She is already sharing it on Twitter, instragram, Facebook, etc. It has all his mugshots, info, etc on it. Lord have mercy she has laid it out there. She has no mercy.


She said it has already gotten over 1,000 shares on Twitter and she has sent it to some person on some social media page that will share it to his follower that is something like over 18 million followers. I guess they will all retweet it. Lord.

The second thing my good friend suggested, she is a social media expert of some sorts, is to start a page tracking my life living with TBI and such after domestic violence. She had suggested it before. I thought about it. But I am so scattered any more I walk out of a room and forget what I thought about it from one room to the next. Yeah, that is how bad it is anymore. She said that a lot of people who live with TBI and the life afterwards like my friend would be able to relate and it would help them. Being that I am actually funny in real life it might help them get some relief too. Plus being that I am also a very real person, I don’t hold anything back, it might help them. I am a very open book. I told her I like that idea.

The last thing that she suggested is that I start getting serious about selling some things I make. I actually paint, sculpt and make jewelry. I have been doing it and helping others like me with the money I make from it. She said that the money I make I can put back into the initiative that I have spearheaded to get a national registry for violent offender for domestic violence and child abuse offenders. I told her I will think about it. One thing at a time. My brain is too Swissy any more.

But my friends have helped pull me through the last few weeks and the last few days. I have been having melt downs. Between seizures – holy crap I had one at the dang thrift store talk about awkward Complex Partial Seizure in a thrift store full of people who think you are drunk … security actually thought I was on something .. that is my next post – and my friend dying, my dog has cancer and I go to the doctor with him on Wednesday, Joe and his bullshit and some very personal stuff. … I need a vacation but don’t have anyone medically qualified who can pay their own way that I trust so I will stick with going to the aquarium.


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