A moment in the Thrift Store

I love going to the thrift store in my area. There is one in particular that has hidden treasures. I have found items in there that I spend 50 cents on and it ends up being worth hundreds of dollars. Then there are some things worth only $50 that I spend a dollar on. But either way it gets me out in the sunshine and away from the house.

So I am out and doing my thing. Normally I can tell when I am about to have a seizure. I have these signals. It is typically this weird feeling. Whether is a light headedness or these worm like white lights or even some times I get pins and needles in both of my hands. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention this time or it could have been I had just woke up not feeling well but I literally was looking through a bin and next thing you know I was being accosted by security.

I had to explain to them I have epilepsy. They told me I wasn’t having a seizure and that I was on drugs. God it pisses me off that people aren’t trained in all types of seizures. I had to explain to them what kind of seizures I have and was having. I had to explain to them that I have complex partial seizures. I even found a YouTube video to prove to them that I wasn’t being a jerk and making it up.

I lose all sense my surroundings in my seizures. The person I was with was in the bathroom so she didn’t see what was going on. If she had been out there she could have helped. When she came out, she even told them what was going on. These two security guards were Hell bent that I was on drugs.

The one security guard said I was just wandering around with a blank look on my face picking at my skin for about a minute before they noticed me and came over to me. They said I didn’t answer them and when I came out of it I was hostile. Well no shit. Their hands were on me. I had no clue who they were and what they were doing.

So I am getting three new tattoos next month. Two are medical ID tattoos with my medical issue tattoos and one is “if lost or found, please call” with a phone number on it. I don’t want that happening again. I become very emotional afterwards so them accosting me didn’t help at all.

My seizures suck balls anyways. I typically always have this very heavy feeling in my face. Only in the side where they had to sever my nerve from the damage done by Joe. I get very tired and very emotional. I always have a headache afterwards. I am always confused afterwards. The effect lasts for a few hours. If the seizure was a longer one and intense, then the after effect is longer lasting. I really hate it.

If that is the case, bring on the “I fucking hate Joe and wish I could just fucking push him off the Grand Canyon” rants and tears. It is always followed up by tears and “he fucking stole so much of my life from me” because he did. I used to be so vibrant and didn’t have any of these issues. Because of my head trauma from when he tried to kill me, I have all this and now it is like a never ending cycle.


::SIGH:: I just want to be normal again. I just want to go through one day without an issue or meds or any of that crap. One day!

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