Great news & update

My attorney called me today. He reached out to Joe and the band of Scum bags via email and on social media in order to once again let Joe know “hey I want a divorce” and “I know where you’re at”. Joe, Chaka from Land of the Lost Brandi, his mother and some other family member who I’ve never heard of read the messages. He has proof which looks great on my part because it’s proof Joe is avoiding it. It’s proof his family is covering up for a wanted fugitive of the law. 

He gave me a timeline sheet of our plan. I think my attorney is actually General Patton reincarnated. The man is a beast. I actually for a half of a second felt bad for everyone on the list. Then I laughed. 

On a different note, I am starting a video blog on Facebook about my life living with the after effects of D.V.. This includes the injuries and so on. Since I’m getting progressively worse, it’s for the best so it can help me later. 

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