“Sick old lady” oh okay 

Settling into my Paradise Valley home – which is beautiful by the way – my people went by Dorthy’s house. DORTHY is Joe’s grandmother. She is hiding him out from the law. Just like his mother. He has her house listed as his address. This is a good thing. The MCSO has gone by a few times. As well, a bounty hunter has been made aware of his address she Brandi Miller’s address. 

As well, talked to an attorney and found out some very interesting information I can’t share just yet. However soon his veteran’s benefits will come to a screaming stop! I won’t say yet due to confidentiality. However, it’s not good for him. 

Since I sent the text to MaryAnne Joe and Brandi have went into hiding. Junkies in hiding. Go figure. If you’re not doing anything wrong, why hide? 

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