2017 is here! Here you go

I do not like Carrie Underwood. However, this is my 2017 song. Since there is one family that doesn’t want to play nice. My uber cunt is coming out this year until they do want to play nice.

All the ajax in the world ain’t going to clean your dirty laundry Joe, Mary Ann, Christine and Brandi. I am coming for you! I am hanging it all out on the clothes line for you in 2017!

See I have more shit on all of them then they think. Mental health ward stays. Yeah, it is wonderful what a court order can garner. Criminal records for a drug addict. Suicide attempts. One making accusations that her uncle molested her yet she allows her children around that same uncle. One owing the state of New York HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars and scamming them out of money stating they are indigent when they were hospitalized. Lying on an official form is a crime. Sending prescription medication (narcotics through the mail.. suboxone. Oh and I have been saving the proof for the “just in case” moment. Drug possession. Rape.

I recently bought two homes in Arizona. One in Glendale and one in Paradise Valley. Both in Maricopa county. I have been in touch with a male, he is not very savory either and much like the junkie girlfriend Brandi and Joe, who gave me Brandi’s address. As well, gave me all her information including her close friends and family’s address. In exchange I gave him copies of all Joe’s information so he can use it against her for what ever he may need to. Quid pro quo. He said his attorney needs it. Of course I am in a giving mood at the holidays. Even though he reminds me a lot of Joe because of his criminal background, yes I had him checked out and my boyfriend had him checked too on his end, I am sure he has the interest in mind for what we discussed.

So 2017, I am putting all their dirty laundry on the line. It isn’t any form of libel considering it is all truth and backed with documents providing truth. As well, I am sure when Joe and his relatives read this ( and the person who reads it at Stony Brook University… yeah I know who you are), they are going to put Joe into hiding and help him further run from his warrants. That is aiding a fugitive from the law. But you see I have her address. Happy New Years. Maybe I will wait for our 2 year anniversary and have him arrested. Maybe I will wait for my birthday and have him arrested. Maybe I will wait for Valentines day.

As my boyfriend said, don’t worry he will end up killing this one and in Arizona they don’t mess around with that stuff. Considering he is a felon with domestic violence and with warrants, it is no worries. He will fry. Plus there are warrants in another state which I won’t mention. But then his mother does want me to serve him there at her house. Funny if he was there, they would have already arrested him and she knows that. Why? She knows why her son is wanted there.

Enjoy the song because this is the song that will be my theme song. There is no longer a restraining order. I don’t care if he contacts me because I am not afraid of his pussy punk ass. Any male who puts his hands on a female is nothing more than a punk ass pussy who deserves nothing more than an ass kicking from someone twice his size and with damage twice as bad as he did to his victim. Yes that was on my Christmas list secretly in my head.

To get personal for a second and to put one of our secrets that I hid in our house because of the shame. My shrink and my boyfriend says I should talk about it more.

There was only two ways he would get off. If he was choking me to the point I couldn’t breath when we had sex and would pass out and if he choked me until I would pass out while beating me.

My boyfriend and I can’t even have sexual relations because of the damage he did to my vagina when Joe attacked me in August of 2015. Yes I just got very, very personal. When he poured the mineral spirits on me and set me on fire and when he sodomized me with a baseball bat, he damaged my insides. I have had to have reconstructive surgery on both my colon and my vaginal walls; among other things. Of course this has some what put a hinder on out relationship. However, we have known each other for over 20 years and that helps immensely . If it weren’t for the fact we just celebrated the fact we have known each other for 24 years, I would feel bad that we can’t have sexual relations at all. I am happy he is a very understanding man. He also want to strangle the fuck out of Joe for doing it to me because we can’t share the intimacy.

So to the relatives who read this and to the junkie girlfriend who reads this and who ever else reads this that reports back to my husband, go right ahead and tell him that any time he can give up the RIGHT address (not his mothers because he doesn’t live there) because 2017 is my year. I have gained every bit of my confidence back. I have my boyfriend and my best friend to thank for that. He can answer the mediators back. He can call me. He can call the mediators. Either way, 2017 is MY YEAR! He cannot take it from me. His cunt of a mother cannot take it from me. His cunt of an ex wife cannot take it from me. His methhead Chaka land of the lost girlfriend (who we are all clowning and making fun of because it is funny he actually thinks she is an upgrade… yeah NO!!!! And so does his delusional mother. A methhead an upgrade from me who worked in the modeling industry and has two PhDs (will have 3 in 10 weeks)) cannot take it from me.

So any one of them want to challenge me …they can call my special number and leave me a message. 941-218-0051. Bring it on! Oh but see they won’t because they are all pussies and well, they only thing they can do is abuse people and use people. They can’t actually own up to their actions. Pussies! Punk ass pussies. Joe is especially one of them. He won’t give up the address so I will just continue to expose him. I will also send over my force since I am working with that male I mentioned earlier.

The boyfriend is helping me move in some furniture to the Paradise Valley house. I love Arizona. It is an open carry state.

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