Riddle me this

You want to get rid of me, yet you don’t want to cooperate with giving up an address to be served with the divorce. Well, a real address. His cunt of a mother wants me to do an ILLEGAL service and serve him where he doesn’t reside. He doesn’t he even reside in the state. She helps him evade arrest. She helped him escape arrest by paying his way out of state. 

She lied to the mediators and essentially fucked her son out of  $500,000. That is stupid on her part but their stupidity is my gain and I’ve got a nice court order saying he can’t get SHIT from the purchases from the money. Sorry about him and the meth heads luck. I am 

I’m just not figuring out why they are holding out. So my mediators AGAIN reached out to the woman beatinh, meth smoking, non child support paying crack head that is Joe and again he refused to answer. 

Well luckily enough I just so happen to be going to Pheonix next week to close on the property I bought. My “13 Hours” as I call him is coming with me. While we are there of course I’m going to pop into my bar to see how things are going. Check out the horse trails too and make sure everything is going as it’s supposed to there. But most of all I am going to stop my now good friend an agency there who said yes they are very familiar with Miss Brandi Miller. As well, they are very familiar with her house address. But then so am I. Boy will she be surprised soon. 

See Joe refuses to cooperate so it’s time to not be as nice as I have been. I know his weaknesses. I’m done being nice. I refuse to back down. Next stop Pheonix. After the New Year, Long Island. The inspectors have been so polite on the phone with all the evidence I’ve given them. 

Im done fucking around. 

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