Smoke another crack rock

Yet again I tell my mother in law, Queen Crazy CUNT, to have my husband contact the mediators so we can get on with the divorce I have wanted since 2015. If they wanted to get rid of me you would think they would cooperate. No! Instead they lie. They manipulate the situation further. They cover for him. 

If it were just as easy as putting out an ad and filing for a missing person divorce, I would. However, due to the divorce being much more complicated and under my state law, I cannot do that and I cannot serve him at a residence he does NOT reside. 

I even told Queen Crazy CUNT that the sooner Joe and I get a divorce, the sooner him and Chaka can get on with their white trash life. She told me that Chaka was an upgrade and much higher standards than I will ever know. 

I literally spit my iced coffee through my nose laughing. My friends are using Chaka as a punch line. “That’s not a forehead. That’s a fivehead.” That’s the polite one. She is far from an upgrade. I am dying that Queen Crazy CUNT actually thinks this. 

Yes, the LAST of her drug charges (I’ve never done drugs nor do I condone the use. I believe it is a choice not a disease.) I even told Queen Crazy CUNT that these two junkies would be happy together, just have him call the mediators. Not hard to do. 

She must smoke the same crap Joe and Chaka does. Delusions all day long. This is not an upgrade. You don’t go from someone who pays all the bills, has two vehicles that are paid for (including a luxury vehicle), pays for vacations to such places as Vegas and San Diego, pays for theme parks, pays for your children’s insurance, pays for everything, has an extensive education including 2 PhDs, has an expansive network of connections through out many areas of the globe in terms of companies and friends, worked in the modeling industry, has published books, has an established careers, is highly respected in her industry, is multifaced and despite having cancer while going through treatment attempted to work as many days as possible to pay bills (me) to white trash with a drug history  and and welfare collecting living in the ghetto who gets handouts from others (Chaka). 

But that’s an upgrade. Oh okay. Smoke crack much? 

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