Another great update 

When you eliminate trash from your life, it’s awesome how positive your life becomes and karma works. 

A year ago if you were to ask me or my Neuro doc if I were going to be where I am at today, of course we both would have not predicted I would not be anywhere close to where I am at today. A year ago I had severe damage and side effects from the brain injury due to where Joe slammed my head into the wall that I could barely form a sentence that made sense. 

Today, literally today, I had yet another book published. In the last six months I have had two books published. I am half way through my next one currently. All of them are based on science. 

I finish my next degree in just a few months. I have more speaking engagements and one-on-one consults than I’ve ever had in the past. 

Success comes to those with only good karma. Get rid of the trash and good things come. 

As irony would have it, Joe called me fat a lot. Of course it was while I was going through a medical treatment for cancer that made me gain weight. Before I went through it, I weighed 125 lbs. Either way, the book that just dropped today is a natural weight loss based on science and nutrition. He used to tell me how I was stupid, a lazy ass and didn’t know shit. 

The book that was released today was reviewed by 45 doctors and 45 leading fitness industry industry experts. All of them left high reviews. As well, all the trial study completed previous to the release the average non obese person lost 35 to 40 pounds in the first 16 weeks. 

Get rid of the trash. Detox the waste and good things happen. Joe is Scum and everyone he comes in continued contact with find out in the long run how much of a Scum bag he really is and karma will catch up. He is toxic. 

It’s available on Amazon, Kindle and instant download to phone, tablet and computer. 

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