Update- buying more property 

Since my wonderful (strong sarcasm)  husband refused to respond back to the mediator and investigator on the money, he legally gave up his right to the money. God he is a moron. Think of all the drugs he could have shot up with since it’s common knowledge he wouldn’t have paid child support or bills. Again moron. I’m sure Chaka would have loved $500,000. She could have got plastic surgery. But then birds of a feather. Methheads.. They make a perfect couple. 

With that said, I have invested a lot of the money into property. I am so blessed to have the inside on property that is either in foreclosure or going up for quick sale. 

As irony would have it, Chaka and Joe both come into one of my investments on a frequent basis. I’ve asked his mother on numerous times to ask him to not come in there because my security wants no part of his mind and they can’t stand Chaka. 

Good news! I’m buying more investment property. I always told myself I will NEVER be a landlord. However, in this case I am going to be. It’s a multi unit in Glendale, AZ. It will need to be rehabilitated. Its not in the best of condition in a couple units. But here’s the outside. 

I’m thinking about providing sliding scale rent to at risk vets. You never know. 

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