Say hello to Brandi

Say hello to my husband’s next victim, Brandi Lucille Miller of Glendale, AZ.


Nice black eye she is covering up there in the photo editing app. Maybe it is one my husband gave her or maybe it is one from not sleeping. You see Brandi, like my husband is a drug user. And my mother in law, Mary Ann De Riso, condones it. Again I asked my mother in law for the address to serve him with the divorce and again she refused to cooperate. Funny, they all want to get rid of me (as in murder me) but not one wants to legally get rid of me. Funny how that works. Sorry assholes that is not how it works!

But back to this snowflake.

Brandi was born in June of 89. And has a history of “dangerous drugs.” According to the Maricopa county sheriff, that is Meth. Guess what Joe’s drug of choice is? Meth! Bingo!!!!!!


You go to and go to “find a case” type in her name and guess what comes up? Her drug charge. 



see then you head on over to Family court. Bad part is she has kids. A druggie with kids and dating a dead beat guy who doesn’t pay child support who is convicted woman beating meth head. Sound’s like a perfect couple.

Seems she has been in trouble a bit. Of course Joe’s family isn’t budging on giving up his address and his mother paid to rush him out of town to avoid pick up knowing there was a warrant for his arrest. You would think for someone who wants to get rid of me, you would think they would say yeah you can serve him at this address which is where he resides. But nope. Instead I get threats to my life and threats to my well being and intimidation tactics. I am not his cunt of an ex wife, his first wife. I don’t back down as easily. I am a fighter for a reason. If they want to play hard ball, I come back swinging even harder. I will just make it even more difficult for them.

They have NO CLUE How hard I can make it for them. If they don’t want to cooperate, since they want to make threats to my life and well being, well then they can see how much of a cunt I can be after all.

Update on Christine. She didn’t help. So I have went through with my plans on her and her family too. I have the 9-1-1 tapes from the day she called. The allegations she made are beyond disgusting and enough to have her ass in a very tight spot. As well, since I provided insurance for her and Joe’s children (health, dental and vision) and subsequently suffered tax penalties, again I now can put her in a very tight spot. As well, since I still have the video from that day Valentines day in the parking lot when they were doing what they were doing, well according to a very high powered attorney in Florida, I am now in every rights have the power to file against her father and mother.

God I hope their attorney can practice in my state.

Back to Joe’s meth head, the irony is she hangs out at a bar that one of my friend’s frequents. He said he knows he VERY well. AS in VERRRRYYYYYYYYY well and so does most of the bar. Joe and her belong together. I laughed when I say the photo. First thing I thought of was Chaka from Land of the Lost. Good Lord that is a lot of forehead. But then, he will have a place to land his fist because that is what he does after he puts his hand across your neck.

To know that his mother advocates this behavior. She is a disgusting person too.

I am so happy I am beautiful and never made the choice to be a junkie. God what an awful life. Yes, addiction is a choice. You choose to get clean. So that proves it is a choice. But I am happy I am beautiful. I would hate to have to go through life ugly and knowing I look like a junkie. But then this is why my boyfriend and I make a perfect couple. He and I have known each other for just over 20 years. He works for the government as a civilian contractor (Think the movie 13 Hours but more even covert) . He is tall (6’4), very fit and very muscular. We work out together every day when he is home. I may be tiny (Hell he benches three times my weight.. I only weigh 122 lbs) but I am fierce. My best friend called us the bad ass Barbie and Ken at the bar last weekend. We are both covered in ink and me with my new hair cut.

Well I warned the meth head about him so can’t say I didn’t warn her that he is a convicted woman beater. So if he tried to kill her, oh well. Not my problem.



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