Threats are coming in 

Since threats are coming in I thought I would share some information with everyone. 

I’ve been getting threats from the fucktard. Of course he calls from a blocked number so I can’t trace it back to him and going to the law enforcement is useless. Well, I thought I would share some public record from the Hillsbouugh county clerk of court website and the Hillsborough county jail. 

I will post more from other public record soon. 

I redacted the names of people who are not relevant to this blog. 

This is his official guilt papers from the Hillsborough County clerk of court. I blacked out his finger prints so I cannot be accused of any type of crime or some made up fairy tale. You can see his conviction clearly. As well, his fine which he has never paid. 

I will be posting more. None of the times was he living with me. His mother condones this behavior. She blames me for him beating me and trying to kill me. She blames me for him doing drugs. She blames everyone else but him for All His problems. I ask for the address to serve him. They refuse to give it to me. I get death threats. But but its fine. My car gets trashed and destroyed at my friends house which is on his boss’ property. But that is okay. 

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