Then theres this

Of course there’s this. His actual 5th DUI. 

Which he told me was his 1st DUI. I paid for his DUI attorney and his motion hearing. I paid for part of his fine. Matter of fact I borrowed money from my parents to pay for his motion which I paid back as soon as I cashed in part of my 401K. He blames me for the DUI even though it is I that saved his ass from getting a harsher punishment because i advised him not to blow. He got 6 months probation with early termination and a cheap fine with 6 months suspension. It wasn’t until AFTER the fact Florida found out it was his 5th DUI. 

He blames me for the DUI because I would not eat at Dennys because the bathroom looked like someone was murdered in it. There was blood everywhere. Rule of thumb, if the bathroom is filthy so is the kitchen. 

All this is public record in Manatee county Florida. He never paid his fine off of over $1,000 because I refused to pay it. 

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