The band of Circus Clowns

The saying is “Birds of a feather flock together.” I am truly beginning to think this is honestly in fact an honest to God fact.

 I was contacted by a member of law enforcement looking for Joe (SURPRISE) He just continues to get his ass into more shit and why they contact me I don’t know. I don’t know where his meth head, convicted woman beating, got kicked out of the Marine Corps for beating and raping a Japanese woman,  dead beat father, warrant for his arrest ass is located. You would think the police would know by now that I want nothing to do with the fucktard piece of shut that tried to murder me. 

On a different note, I left my Volvo at my friends house in Florida. I only brought the truck and the Mercedes with me. He said while he was visiting his daughter, he says someone slashed two tires, punctured a hole in the radiator and ripped the front bumper clean off. The video tapes have been turned over to the cops. The video he said though is grainy and the lighting is bad. He said there were two people. They hit one of security lights so that’s why the lighting was bad. 

He also said nothing else was touched. 

I reached out to a person to see if they would know how to get in touch with him to get my divorce. I have information that would greatly benefit them. Joe’s mother refuses to give a CORRECT address for a legal service to serve him with a divorce. The person I reached out to I’m sure won’t cooperate and is equally a long shot. However, it is in their best interest to help if they know where he is at because I have some actual leverage against them according to the Attorney General and a great Tax attorney. 

His family still refused to cooperate go tell me a CORRECT address to serve him. Now this newest investigation, all these new law enforcement agents told me is its a series of 1st degree felonies involving violence against women and I should be happy I got out when I did. 

If you know where he is at email me at 

It can remain confidental. The law is looking for him not for this stuff what ever it is exactly but for child support too. 

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