So this happened 

I got a surprise yesterday. My boyfriend came to visit. He is only home for a few weeks. Thats the life I picked though because I knew his career and all it entails. Think the movie “13 hours”. 

My boyfriend, friends and I decided to go out to karaoke last night. While at karaoke, my boyfriend noticed I got a text. I looked and it was from a number I didn’t have programmed. To boot it was equally a sad and disturbing text. 
After asking who it was and they text back a quote I had sent them months ago, I figured out who it was immediately. As well, so did my boyfriend. Of course my boyfriend’s biggest concern was if I was okay because he knows how this fucker affects me. Well, I should say USED TO AFFECT me. He doesn’t have that power any more. 

So I thought I’d share the conversation with you. I won’t say what I’m doing with the conversation on other channels but it will be one that he soon come to regret. 

This is so typical of him. He plays the victim. Plays the “oh poor me victim and gives compliments, drawing you in” card. Essentially he solidified everything I said, which is also another one of his tactics. He plays into the “You’re right, I’m wrong” bull shit. 

See though I’m in this amazing place. I have a very successful business. I have an amazing boyfriend I’ve known since the mid 90s. I own multiple properties in multiple states. I still have anxiety attacks every now and then when it comes to his bull shit. Like when the law enforcement came to the other house and told me about his plans. However, for the most part I know he is a coward and a piece of shit. He is far from a man. But for the most part, I am anxiety free. I don’t worry about his stupid bull shit. I know I would  not be a victim again because of what I am now. I am in my Marine Corps shape. 126 lbs of solid fucking muscle that is swift, hard and very fucking deadly. 

What I leg press, squat and press don’t be surprised by my outer looks. I box the guys in the ring for a reason. The females do not get in the ring with me anymore because the last one is now threatening to sue the gym due to being knocked out and losing teeth.  

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