The farm

I finally got the last horse delivered. She has been over on my friends land for some time. This move had been a pain in my was to say the least. 

But I’m glad to announce finally got every thing built and I’m moved in. The “Show me” state is only going to be my home when it’s warm though. Once winter hits, back to the other property in Texas. 

I got a great deal on the land through a friend and have a wonderful friend who will maintain my horses when I am not here. 

The new office location not far from my farm my business partner and I just opened up seems to be doing pretty good. 

Well other than one crazy we already attracted who is a felon. But we have handled her through her local sheriff. She’s out  on bail for multiple felonies right now and is currently stalking our business. She is one of those who sells one of those MLM schemes and claims to be a ” fitness guru”, a holistic expert and a herbal therapy expert with a certificate of completion in interior design from  art school. Completely unstable person. And all because I turned her down for a job. You can’t lie on an application. I check every thing. 

 Scary though, the sheriff said she doesn’t live far (less than an hour) from my farm and I should for sure have protection because she is unstable. He also recommended we get a trespass for our office location. 

It takes all kinds of kinds. Maybe I should hook her up with Joe. They would get along great. Crazy, unstable and a felon. 

Speaking of Joe. I got a call from a law enforcement agency in New York asking questions again about him. They called before. They wanted again to know if I knew about certain time line details and his propensity of violence towards females.

 I explained again everything I said previous. The reason he was kicked out of the Marines. About the women in Japan he attacked  About the professor/doctor  he killed in New York. About him beating his ex girlfriend. About him abusing his first wife. About his time line going home according to his mother via text message. 

I asked what they were investigating him for and their response I will not repeat because I am not sure I want to throw up again. It is that horrific. 

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