New Info – Why Mother in Law is hiding Joe

Well, I found out why my mother in law is hiding Joe’s information on where he is at so I can’t serve him with the divorce. He has a warrant for his arrest for back child support.



His mother is an evil bitch! She will never give up her son’s information. She has said several times she won’t give up his right address. He doesn’t live in New York. He lives in Arizona . He lies about living in New York. He lies about everything. He lives near Phoenix last I was told by sources. Where? I don’t know exactly. His mother hides him from the law. This is obstruction from the law. This is a crime in Florida and we’ll all 50 states. I will make sure she goes down right with him. This is a promise. She is as evil as him. A mother to hid out her son from the law is a disgusting act. He needs to be held accountable for his acts. Disgusting! She is a terrible mother.


If you know where he is at call 941-218-0051. There is a reward for his capture and successful prosecution.

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