Update: IRS, Divorce, Medical & More

While Joe and I were still living together, I provided medical, dental and vision insurance for my step-children. Yes, I have proof of this. This is one of the things he was court ordered to do in his divorce from his first wife. However, I was able to get a more affordable rate through my insurance company on a family plan.

This was the ONLY reason I married him! I was getting pressure from my insurance company that because I had claimed his children on my insurance, I needed to provide the proof of relationship. We got married. This year when I filed taxes, I filed as I normally would file. As well, I claimed the huge amount paid into for health care coverage. As a result for paying for health care for someone else’s children, I now owe the IRS several thousand dollars. This I am now filing in court to recover from both the parents of the children I covered in insurance. As well, the penalties imposed by the IRS. I will not stand by and be used as pawn by two evil, disgusting humans who use three precious children as pawns against each other because they are both screwed in the head. Trust me when I say they are two peas in a pod. It is my step children I feel deeply sorry for because they have to grow up around such a volatile environment where mental instability is grossly apparent.

I have asked both Joe and his mother more than several dozen times the CORRECT address to have him served with papers for the divorce. However, neither of them refuse to give up a CORRECT address. They give up a false address where he does not reside nor is no longer a resident. This is an illegal service. I will not waste money or time with an illegal service. They both say they want to get rid of me. Hell, Joe makes THREATS. His mothers makes it WELL KNOWN that he son will end my life or harm me to say the least, and yet they both refuse to cooperate and give up a correct address. Mind you,  this is also a violation of provision five in the Order of Protection stating Joe must update his address within 10 days of moving. As well, in Florida when he became a felon, he must register with the county he moved to by checking into the sheriff station and getting checked in.

If you read this and you know where he is, please call (941) 218-0051. Leave a message. You do not have to say your name. Your message will be anonymous. Just leave his address or even a phone number. My private investigator can track him on that to have him served. I just want a divorce. We know the general area he is in. I want him out of my life for good and his band of whack a doodle family.

Medical wise, I am so not blessed to know I have to have surgery next month. Yes, my Christmas I get to spend in the hospital. I get to have a nice wire transmitter of sorts put into my brain. When Joe slammed my head into the wall over a dozen times, he literally killed parts of my brain that serve as a housing center for various functions of my body. He stole a lot from me. And yet, he walks free. The doctor’s are putting a device in my brain that will send electronic pulses and signals to help with my daily functions.

The doctor’s just doubled one of my seizure medications. They said the stress from the law enforcement coming over with the news of the latest stunt Joe has pulled and the existing TBI resulting from where Joe attacked me in August of 2015, it is the reason for the increase of my seizures. Unfortunately, it also means adjustment period. The adjustment period on this medication is about three to six months. Until then, it is word finding issues, memory issues and back to square one of issues I had previously. I refer to it as “Swiss cheese brain.” It will be exasperated with the surgery next month.

I have bought better protection. I won’t say what only because I was advised not to say what type of protection. However, if he comes near me I am happy Florida recognizes the Castle Doctrine and does believe in the “stand your ground” law. I will no longer have victim attached to my name.

I am 133 pounds of “I will fight back until the death if I have to.” As I told law enforcement, if he comes around me he will either leave in the back of a patrol car or in a body bag. I won’t be calling 9-1-1 for an ambulance for me ever again! I have a heavy bag and free weights in my back yard for a reason. They are NOT decoration.

His mother told me “His friends are not or ever will be concerned about your safety. You might want to watch your back.” His friends are just like him. I will stand my ground against them too. I will not back down. See I am not that meek girl he beat on any more! I am not that chic he beat into becoming fat and feeling worthless. No! He may have caused a lifetime of injury but he has also caused me to find the old me to come back out.

In case you didn’t know…


As I said earlier, if you know where he lives or his phone number, please call (941) 218-0051. This is NOT MY NUMBER! THIS IS A BUSINESS NUMBER! LEAVE A MESSAGE!

I need him served with divorce papers. I don’t think he should be entitled to anything I built up for myself either which he will try to claim. Moreover, he should have to pay for all the medical bills he has caused and pay back all the VA money he has collected for having a spouse which has not resided with him and had a restraining order on him (he collected under false pretenses).



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