So this Happened

I won’t go into exact detail only because I don’t feel it is necessary, however, I got a very unexpected knock on my door today. While making a great dinner tonight – will share the awesomeness below –  there was a knock on the door.

Of course everyone knows I had the roommate install the thicker door since learning the Devil was in the area. That is no secret. There is no peephole. I don’t know yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. However, both Zeus and Diesel only barked once and immediately sat down at the door. I asked who it was and the male voice on the other side answered “Police department.”

Well shit. Either someone died, the Devil lied again or his mother Queen Cunt did.  That was my thoughts. I was for sure expecting one of the three. I wasn’t expecting the news I got from the police officer.

I opened the door. I threw my trash away and stepped around the corner. He showed me a photo of the Devil and asked me if I knew him. Of course I confirmed I did. Hell I am still married to the Devil. When I do actually sleep without the use of sleeping pills, he visits me in my nightmares every time. However, what the police office said seriously was like living the nightmare over again. When the f$%# is it going to end?

The Detective said more or less there is no polite way to say what he had to deliver and then delivered the reason he was there. I can honestly say it wasn’t something I was shocked by. It was something he has attempted in the past and the Court more or less said “meh” about. It was something he said IN the courtroom that he would do and the Judge overlooked and sentenced him to a drug program which he failed. It was something he has told me multiple times he will do when I least expect it and I need to watch my back.

What shocks me the most was someone called on him. Someone turned him in because in typical Joe style he can’t keep his mouth shut on how awesome he is and everything he does or has done. I think it is funny. Karma.

The police officer and the Detective that came out both were very nice. It was very nice of them to inform of what they did so now I know to insure further things on my end are secure.

I text my wonderful mother-in-law (STRONG SARCASM that she is wonderful) to tell her to please ask him to leave me alone and that it is in his best interest because I got an unexpected visit from law enforcement. Moreover, a reminder I do have an Order of Protection that states he cannot come near me or harass me and the state  I am in currently states I have the right to stand my ground if I feel my life is in danger. I informed her I will use whatever means necessary to protect myself because I will not be a victim again. By any means necessary, I am met with force or feel my life is in grave danger trust me when I say I will make sure he leaves in a squad car, an ambulance or in a body bag. Either of the first two, he will be in very rough shape because I refuse to be a victim again. 

She told me she doubts that I got a visit from the law enforcement. I told her that his latest stunt if he acts upon it, he will be facing prison time. She asked what stunt. I said he knows and I don’t need to tell her. She asked then how do the law enforcement know. I told her that one of his friends snitched him out and they were concerned about my safety. She actually said “His friends are not or ever will be concerned for your safty” (sic).  I just shook my head. I think she thinks her delusions are real.

I reiterated to please drive home the point I just want him to leave me alone; I have an Order of Protection; and, if he comes near me he is leaving in the back of a squad car or in a world of hurt. Either way, he needs to leave me alone because law enforcement in my area is not playing games with him.

His karma will catch him. He will get some dirty heroin I keep saying. I he will get some dirty something.

The news the Detective gave me today, I will be adding armed security to my book signing engagements and speaking engagements. I have a feeling it will affect my overall sales and bookings. As well, I will be arranging for armed security to go on my runs with me. I am blessed to have some great connections in my back pocket per se. Unfortunately, it has to come to that because if someone felt the need to reach out to law enforcement then it is more serious than what I have a feeling law enforcement is letting on. I may have TBI and it may take me a bit longer than it used to to figure things out than it used to, however, I can tell you I think there is more to it.

I already talked to my friends in Miami who provide private armed security. I used to work for them years ago.

Now the awesomeness.

So my business. I have been doing this awesome health and fitness business. I have been actually doing it since 2005. I got out of it for two years due to this stuff and health complications (cancer). When the law enforcement officer showed up, I think I shocked the crap out of him.  I look NOTHING like my photo on my driver’s license. My business is really booming. I have been selling books like hot cakes. I have been booking speaking engagements like crazy. Tonight I made chicken cubed with cous cous in a slow cooker with fresh basil pesto, garlic, asparagus and onion. Here is the deal. I have been doing a secret to my diet. I have dropped from 180 to 135 since April 2015. Check out my website Sign up for the free 14 day boot camp. Meal plan included.

I have several more books coming out in the next couple months.

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