Sorry I haven’t Updated in a while

Sorry I haven’t updated in a long time. I have been uber busy. I have moved out of Florida. I am still not divorced from him. That is a bummer. His mom refuses to give up where he is at so I can’t get a divorce from him and the state I am in won’t let me serve where he is NOT living. So that sucks.

Medical as a result of the attack August 2015:

  1. I have had a total of 7 surgeries and have at least 5 more to go.
  2. I have permanent hearing loss in my right ear.I am completely deaf in my right ear. The ear drum is collapsed and crushed. The ENT surgeon said the blows to my head was so hard it was like being hit by a professional boxer.
  3. I have had surgery on both my ears to try to restore the hearing . It worked in my left ear restoring most of it. I have 30% hearing loss in my left ear.
  4. I have been diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy as a result of traumatic brain injury. This will never go away. I can never live alone and now will have to have a person with me at all times for the rest of my life.
  5. I have optic nerve atrophy in my right eye at a result of the blows to my head and my head being slammed into the wall. The doctor stated I will be blind in that eye by time I am 50. That is within 7 years.
  6. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. I have learned to recognize some of triggers. One of them I physically get ill and have even thrown up in public. That was embarrassing and hard to explain.

Update on where I am today and what I am doing:

I am proud to say I am back to work. It took a bit to get back to work because of the extent of the injuries. When it comes to dealing with injuries to the brain, it is not like you can just bounce back. I am, however, a strong person in so many ways. With the support of my very close friends and wonderful people, I can say I am back at it. I am back doing what I love and back doing what I have been doing for over a decade.

I run a successful fitness and weight loss program. I have more published books under my belt. I have more speaking engagements than I had previously. I am currently involved in a wonderful research study on the epigenetics and methylation of the DNA in PTSD patients. No I am not a lab rat! I am one of the research scientist. I am back in the lab doing what I love. Things make take me a little bit longer than it did before but I am not a quitter. I am a fighter.

Funny I have been telling people for years “No excuses”, “keep fighting”, “you’re a warrior” and now it is me that is telling it to myself. I am the one who is keeping fighting. Every day I wake up and just happy that I am alive.

I still hate the asshole who did this to me. I still hate the fact that his family covers for him. He is still on the run. He still hasn’t owned up to his deed. They won’t even let me divorce him. All I want is this behind me. They claim to want to get rid of me yet won’t even cooperate with the private detectives so I can get on with my successful life. Sad and miserable people they are. Maybe he is holding out for some of my success. (Sorry about his luck)

I just wanted to update. Have a great and awesome day. If you want to follow my business on instagram follow it at @Laochhealthfitness

(our Facebook got hijacked so we are currently setting up another one)



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