Happy Monday! – Great phone call

Happy Monday! First I want to say sorry to everyone who reads this blog that I haven’t updated n a while. I have been busy taking care of things and getting things done.

Phone calls to the right people. Working with a great team to get things done. Emails to the right people.

I did want to update a few things.

Joseph was UNSUCCESSFULLY DISCHARGED from the veterans treatment court in Tampa on March 4. He was charged and plead GUILTY to FELONY domestic violence. Yes, you read that right FELONY!

In the course of the time in the program, he failed three drug/alcohol tests. One for coke. One for alcohol. One for meth. (meth is his drug of choice).

This morning I received the best phone call. I can’t tell you or anyone what the phone call was exactly about. However, I can say that he will not be liking the future that is in store for him. Since he now has ONE VIOLENT felony charge on him, he can enjoy the ones coming down the line. They are SERIOUS felonies based on the medical records, photos and medical images.

My team has been called liars by his family. One of his family members has attempted to silence the head of my team saying I am lying. I am not scared of a bunch of con artists who obviously condone sociopath behaviors. I am not scared of a coke addict, a girlfriend of a KNOWN drug dealer and gun runner who has ties to some gang on Long Island and has been convicted of illegal activities (which the mother says “but he is a good guy”), a mother who is so convoluted in her way of thinking the scum bags are good guys and the good people are bad unless there is something to gain. sorry doesn’t scare me.

So you can go to this website and see the FULL case details of Joseph Michael De Riso and his conviction and how he failed to meet the court standards. OF course and how it is a FELONY what he got convicted of.


Click on “all court/case types”

For last name type in De Riso (with a space)

First name Joseph


You will need to click on the second case. They consolidated the first case into one case. At the top you will see this.


Below it you will see where he still continues to use meth and coke. It says the meth is from a script he had a year ago for Aderal. This is not true. He never had a script for it. He buys and sells pills.

I will be faxing everything over to his ex wife’s attorney to make sure he stays FAR away from the kids. He doesn’t deserve to be called father. He is nothing more than a waste of air and space. I don’t wish harm on him. I don’t want that karma coming back on me. However, I will say this. If he were to get a hold of the designer drug going around the area and die from it…….the world would be a better place. He is a scum bag.


UPDATE: As I was typing this, I got a text message from a “friend” who confirmed something I had a suspicion of about his whereabouts. I now know where he is and can get the divorce papers served. (He has refused service multiple times and I refuse to allow him the opportunity to lay claim to ANY thing I have built up this far and any property I have)

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