Court update

Drop the confetti! As I have been saying from the beginning, I am innocent. To the dislike I am sure of the my ex and his entire family, the prosecuting attorney dismissed the charge against me. Why? There are a few reasons that a do not prosecute is issued.

  1. The  charge cannot be proven because the evidence is too weak to carry the burden of proof because of the evidence being faulty – Joseph DeRiso produced a video that was edited and was not even from the incident he claimed occurred. As well, he has a lengthy history of domestic violence and even in his own words on the police report he admits to beating me in the past. He has a history of abuse towards women and was under the influence of both coke and meth at the time of the attack. He lied to the police and it could be proven. The only “evidence” the prosecuting attorney had was the video given by Joseph DeRiso which did not show me actually attacking him or being the aggressor. As well, by his own admission he stated the video was not of the entire incident. He had purposefully edited out the parts where he attacked me and beat me up. Other than the video, the only other evidence was his statement which was faulty within itself. He claimed to have left, losing his phone and going to the near by jail for help. However, he then claimed to have came back and then called the police to get help. Why not get help at the jail where there were deputies while you were there? Because he knew it never happened.
  2.  The prosecutor becomes  becomes doubtful the accused is guilty – The evidence presented on my side pointed to my innocence and refuted his claims and statements.
  3. the defendant’s innocence is proved – The medical documents starting from within a short time frame (as in the same day) stated clearly that he was the reason for the severe medical injuries. These refuted his claim I was the aggressor and that I had attacked him. You cannot lie when the medical evidence, including a MRI shows the truth.

Combine all of these together (my medical evidence, his own admission to beating me in the past, his own admission the video was not of the full incident, holes in his statement, editing the video, and the fact he was under the influence at the time of the report), and it proved I was innocent. Now he on the other hand, the State has plenty of evidence that he committed aggravated battery against me.

I am sure the backlash I will receive because the State dismissed all the charges will be harsh. At least I know between him and his family, they will make sure that I pay for this. He has made claims (and I have witnesses to it) that he will kill me or make my life Hell if I ever left him. This entire case was just that, a revenge case. He tried to kill me and that didn’t work so instead press false charges against me. Yes, this has been noted and my civil attorney is now going to be handling that. I still have a restraining order against him and it will be in place for as long as I feel he is still a threat. He knows where I live and where I hang out, so that is a fear factor right there. I am innocent and he admitted to so much in the police report that I don’t think he even realized he pointed the finger at his own self.

NOT GUILTY AND ALL CHARGES DISMISSED BEFORE A TRIAL! Can’t say I didn’t call it because from the beginning and even in the police report it states I told the police officer on the phone that I was the victim and the officer the next day even noted I had injuries.  Black eyes don’t lie! Photos don’t lie! And medical evidence doesn’t either. 

Now I will be seeking justice for the attack and everyone who helped support him in it. Yes, under the law I have that right and I am going full throttle with it.

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