update – Surgery & Court

The open repair of left nasal valve collapse (which was 100%), septoplasty and bilateral inferior turbinate submucous resection surgery went well. Nothing really major happened so that is good. I will be in a nasal cast/splint for a week (until this next Friday) then the actual healing time is about six to eight weeks. The only bad parts  so far are that I have black eyes and they are swollen. I look about like I did when Joseph Michael DeRiso beat me up in August of last year. The swelling isn’t that bad. The nasal drip is annoying as hell though. The Doc says I will be great and the surgery was awesome.

I guess in recovery while still under the influence of the sedative, I broke down and was telling everyone the horrible thing Joseph did to me. I told them about how he raped me when he broke in my home in April. I told them about when he tried to pour mineral spirits down my throat and kill me. I told them about the death threats I would recieve almost daily from him. I told them about the often beatings I would get from him. I told them about how he stalks me still even with a restraining order. I cried the entire time. I don’t remember any of it. I didn’t realize how bad he messed my head up and to think that his family all advocates this behavior.

Now court. Well, my hearing is Monday (as in tomorrow) and he has to be there. It is required. However, like everything else he is hiding from the cops so he refused service. Either way, I am happy the trial is finally here because the bombshell that will be dropped will be awesome and it will set me free of any wrong doings. I know his family will be disappointed that I am not guilty and that it is he that again is guilty of a crime. (Funny how that happens). Why is it that the women he claims to have done him wrong all end up in the clear and he doesn’t? Interesting to think about.

So I will update after my court tomorrow…from my computer because I won’t be in jail. I didn’t commit a crime. He did and I will make sure he pays for it. Especially now that I have had to have surgery and have to have at least two to three more. Throw in the seizures. Yeah fun times.

So to my awesome inlaws who read this: sorry but maybe his next victim will be as stupid as he is and wont fight back to make sure justice is had because I am not the one. I laid down long enough and got beat long enough and did everything for him long enough…I will be go to hell if he gets away with it. And yes, I called him STUPID because his IQ level is very low and around the retreading tires imbecile level. Maybe it is all the crack and meth he does.



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