very very interesting find

Going through the four bins I was able to take out of an ENTIRE house full of MY stuff, I was going through my computers to wipe them clean to sell them. I was loading the photos on to CDs to transfer them on to an external hard drive when I came across some very interesting discoveries.

I learned the following:

  1. The number to Joseph’s drug dealer – this number has been turned over to both the sheriff and the DEA.
  2. Joseph did indeed cheat on me not once but several times. I discovered MULTIPLE photos of his exposed penis in what appears to be a hotel room. Several of the photos, I recognize the hotel bedding from when he was kicked out after it was discovered he was doing drugs. Hence his venereal warts. (and I will show them if I have to if he seriously starts some stuff… and I will be showing them in the divorce). As well, I discovered photos of him with another female engaged in sexual activities.
  3. Joseph did indeed steal a lot of my belongings I purchased previous to our marriage and attempted to or did indeed sell them (which I have reported this to the cops this morning along with the receipts and full description of the items). Because of the price of some of the items, under the law in the state of Florida, it is automatically a felony. These items he had ZERO right to because they were not community property. They were personal property.
  4. Joseph screen shot a couple of posts from the page my friends set about me and my case calling for justice for me.
  5. Joseph stole an electrical device from his current employer and sold it or attempted to sell it (I have the proof of that and it has been turned over to the law enforcement and it is being forwarded to his current employer).

Oh there is more, however, i wont give it all away. i will let it just sit there for a bit. I even have the Edited and original video (including the one with him ……oh I can’t give that away) of the incident he is alleging happened in the false police report he filed. (Which by the way is actually has so many holes and lies in that even Stevie Wonder can see that it…really shopping at 130 in the morning? okay crackhead much?)

So thank you to my ex Joseph  Michael De Riso for being the world’s biggest dumb ass and making my defense even sweeter and easier because all the photos and the video he just uploaded to my computer that has been in the bin since August just really set me free without even really needing to call the witness that was on my phone the entire time. Kind like the same witness that was on the phone during the fight where he tried to pour the…oh never mind I can’t give that away either. 😉

And to his family who reads this blog, ahh the apple doesn’t fall far from what I understand. The same people who run the page that you read on Facebook enjoyed your area AND enjoyed all the info they gathered including how many people you have conned. Trash.

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