New- ish me ..sorta

Well 2016 is upon us and i am starting the year off with a bang. of course my year starts off with wonderful doctor’s visits. nothing beats surgery consults after surgery consults after surgery consults. YAH!!!!!! All thank you to the wonderful attack by my ex, Joseph Michael De Riso, back in August.

I start by going to see the  neurosurgeon on the 4th for a surgery consult for the wonderful damage to my lower back. Oh yeah I so look forward to having back surgery. Yeah when you get kicked in the back by steel toed boots by a male high on crystal meth, it really leaves a mark. Throw in your back already having issues, the attack aggravates the issues exponentially. According to the surgeon, the attack “threw the discs so far out of whack it is a surprise [i] can walk or function.” You can actually physically see the bulge in my back from where he kicked me. That is how awesome the injury is… excuse the large use of sarcasm in that statement. The cost of that surgery is estimated to be around $85,000. The time out of work and away from being able to make any type of money, according to the doctor, a minimum of six months due to the severity of the injuries. The follow up physical therapy is estimated to be around $10,000.

Just two days later I go to the doctor for my seizures that are a a direct result of the attack. This doctor also treats my TBI. He will do more follow ups to see how I am coming along this includes yet another MRI. Cost: $3,500.

A couple days later I go to another neurosurgeon who specializes strictly in the the facial nerves. He is consulting me on fixing the damage from the attack by Joseph from August. The nerve damage causes a lot of pain and twitching that is uncontrollable. They want to deaden the nerves completely. Being I have worked in the modeling industry and sales in the past, this is where it gets sticky. My looks are part of my employ-ability. They are literally killing part of my face. The overall cost for the surgeries, yes as in multiple, the doctors are estimating to be around $175,000. The follow up visits they are estimating to be around $8,000 with a grand total of $188,000.

On the 14th I have my hockey nose pre-surgery appointment to find out when my surgery date is for rhinoplasty and surgery on my sinuses and a bunch of other parts of my nasal region. The visit itself is just under a thousand but the surgery they are estimating to be just under $79,000.

Due to the court stuff in February, I have only scheduled my mammogram in February and then back to scheduling the rest of the stuff in March. I have already told the doctors the surgeries will have to wait till either late February or March.  So if you are keeping track of the cost so far just for these  surgeries and doctor’s visits that are caused by Joseph Michael De Riso attacking me and the injuries congrats the bills are up to $366, 500. And that is just in a matter of three months! Boy am i happy I am keeping all the receipts! I know my lawyer wants them all especially since the insurance company said since they are as a direct result of a crime… they are not paying for the costs. So he will pay for them. Well, him and the other person who will not be named …….yet 😉

So my 2016 I get a new nose, a new face and a new lower back. Now if i could get a new ex who is not a woman beat crack smoking dead beat father who loves to smoke meth and use women and lie to cops and commit federal felonies that would be awesome!


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