Hockey nose

I am so excited! For a late Christmas present to myself,I get a new nose! When my ex, Joseph Michael De Riso, decided it best to bash my face, he damaged my nose, nasal region, sinus cavities and nerves in my face. I got medical health coverage (something he kept saying “I will pay for” and never did), and because of that, I have the appointment for the ENT for the surgery to repair all the damage.

The last appointment said the surgery and after care will break down as follows: (of course i will recover in the civil case against Joseph and the other person named in the case) [these costs are what are total billed and out of pocket]

ENT Visit 1, plus imaging: $2,977

ENT Visit 2 (discuss surgery & plan of care): $785

ENT Visit 3 (preop), plus blood work: $985

Surgery,  Physician Fee, Anesthesia Fee, Hospital Fee: $78,450

ENT Visit 4, plus imaging (post op) $2,977

ENT Visit 5 (follow up): $785

ENT visit 6 (follow up) $785

ENT Visit 7 (Follow up): $785

ENT Visit 8 (Follow up): $785

ENT Visit 9 (Follow up): $785

ENT Visit 10 (Follow up): $785

I have already gone to two ENT appointments and now i am on visit three. As you can see the estimated total for visits, surgery and aftercare is $90,884. This of course does not include any medications, loss of wages or pain and suffering due to physical injury and deformity.

So soon no more hockey nose! No more busted up nerves on my nerves on my face which are jacked up because I guess my face is a great place to hit on a regular basis; or at least it was for my ex. No more busted up sinus cavity! And the best part, no more headaches…well, at least not as many. the doc said it will alleviate some of them. The TBI I can’t get around and of course causes some of the headaches too.

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