Permanent Injunction!!

This is a step in the right direction! Just like the women before me, just one more injunction for protection against Joseph Michael De Riso was granted today. The judge acknowledged his violent history and his drug history in court. Making note of how dangerous he was in court and even making note of how he his surprise how Joseph has gotten away with so much to date.  I explained it is because Joseph’s family, especially his mother, are enabler and buy his way out of everything. They enable his behavior and feel jail is not the place for him. His words, “Well, I think this time around the law is catching up to him and there will be no buying his way out of anything.”

The permanent injunction is in place. Now when he drives past my house, as he does on a frequent basis, he will got to jail. When he harasses me on Facebook or my friends (third party harassment), he will go to jail.

Joseph has zero respect for the court. He proved it this morning. He had a summons to show up to the hearing and didn’t even show up. His loss. The injunction and other relief was granted (Oh I am not going to give away what other relief was granted.. that would be just too much considering the IP geolocations show East Meadow, NY (Roslyn Union Free School District) and Ronkonkoma, NY (Optimum Online) as just two of the readers. It is only reasonable to deduce that these readers are his family since the only tags they read are “joseph michaeal de riso” and “joseph micheah de riso is a psychopath.”  (yeah, your IP addresses are being tracked every time you read this blog as it states in the header)

So I don’t want to give away everything that I got this morning in terms of relief because lord knows I don’t want them running back and telling Joseph everything. I would rather it much be a surprise when it hits him that maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t have bashed my head into a wall and caused serious medical damage!

Kind of funny, you would think that out of the last three women, they have ALL made the SAME claim that Joseph Micheal De Riso BEAT them and ABUSED them and yet his family ALL claim that he is innocent AND that the women are the issue! Umm no! The common denominator is him! He beats women! If I would have stayed, I would be dead right now! I know this! I got beat at least ONCE a week! Yes! At least once a week! I had a black eye almost all the time! I finally got tired of being his punching bag! I finally got tired of feeling like I deserved to be choked! I finally got tired of feeling like I deserved to be thrown around and elbowed in the face. I finally got tired of feeling like I deserved to be beat…all because i breathed wrong or disagreed with him or spoke or didn’t allow hi to steal from me or use me or cheat on me or do drugs!




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