A new old venture

It is no secret by now that I have not worked since my ex, Joseph Michael De Riso, decided it best to bash my head against the wall giving me what is equivalent to shaken baby syndrome. Which before I begin, I want to share with you a bit of humor that happened with me and my friend/body guard

Since I knew it was safe to actually leave my residence since I knew Joseph is sitting in the county jail, my friend took me out to Boston Market. For those who don’t know, I am a vegan (not by choice). So my options are limited. However, we ran into a mutual friend. This is how the conversation went

Mutual friend :hey great to see you guys hanging out. Nik, are you still with what ever that guy’s name is that you were with when I saw you last?

Me: Yeah. Its a bit, umm, complicated right now.

Friend/Body Guard: [laughing] Yeah, her test marriage didn’t work out. She was smart when she moved out. 

Me: Yeah, but he made me retarded by bashing my head into the wall and now look where I moved back into. [pointing at my friend]

Mutual Friend: Well, at least his being an asshole didn’t take your wit.

So now back to my post, like I said it is no secret I have not worked since he decided it best to bash my head into a wall. I have made very little money and am barely scrapping by. This is not good considering how I am used to having at least $5,000 in the bank at any given time and use to buying a different vehicle every 12 months, going on vacation three times a year, and being able to buy what I want when I want. As it stands, I barely have enough to get me across town, let alone any place else. If it were not for me selling my last asset and the generosity of my friend who takes care of me on my “Swiss cheese” brain days, I would not know what to do. If Joseph had it his way, I would be homeless living in my car. Hell, if he had it is his way, and I didn’t catch on to it and stop it from happening, I wouldn’t even have my car (Yeah the asshole signed MY name on MY title to a drug dealer and they came looking for me… yeah I don’t think so. Thank goodness for my old landlord stopping them and putting them in their place on that one and me telling them that if they even thought about touching my car, me or anything else… jail would be the last thing they would have to worry about!!!!

(well, technically I don’t have my car either any more.. I just sold that to my friend so I could pay a medical bill)

Since it is hard for me to do my normal line of work any more because of the brain injury, I am going to get back into a venture I started a while ago. I actually have started a couple different things. A couple new and one old.

  1. I have a no drill water system for new developments . More for those who are living off the grid. It is a eco friendly, no drill water system that is patent pending. I have applied for a patent on my design. The system is completely solar powered, heated and fed. The filtration itself it completely natural elements. The grey water can actually be ran through one of other designs that is an add on to distill it for drinking or you can run it through the distill process separate from the rest of your home so you don’t mix your drinking water with your other water (e.g. water for dishes, shower, etc). It is weird how I came up with this design. I came up with it in a dream. I woke up and started drawing up the design. From there I began researching various elements; doing the math (who knew applied calculus and trigonometry would actually come in handy…thank goodness for Mathway.com to help me figure out the actual equation) and BAM my design was born. After running several trial and error tests, it was complete. It is already in six homes and will be installed in about 10 more in the next 90 days. The first six were freebies (they paid my cost and I didn’t make a dime). After that I will start charging. This is perfect for those who don’t want to mess up the eco system.
  2. I have a solar powered furnace system for new developments. More for those living off the grid. It is, like my water system, eco friendly and ran completely off the power of the sun and natural elements. This one is great for ONE average size room. However, the only flaw is it only heats up about 40 degrees hotter than what is outside. So if it is only 10 outside, it is only going to be 50 in your house. So, if you live in an area where it is colder in the winter, it is best to install two in a room you want to keep warm in the winter. It is a design, like the water system, that came to me in my dream. Again, the math I never thought I would use I used along with A LOT Of trial and error (And a lot of silicone and eating beans). After finally figuring out the right design, I got it just right and applied for a patent. Of course the patent process takes a minute because they have to search and see there is not something similar and the process is time consuming. I have installed this on the house I am staying in because there is no heat. So far it is working perfect but then there is no really cold nights YET! It is Florida where I am at now sooooooo we shall see.
  3. I am working on a soar powered AC unit as I speak, so once that is complete I will let you know how that goes. Of course both the above are for sale and I am still not sure how to even price them out because how do you put a price on the sun and all it’s glory?
  4. The old venture I am going back to which I had made money on in the past is my own skin care product line. I am in my 40s and my skin is in very good condition for my age and life (considering my health). I get compliments a lot on it. I have a complete skin care product line that is 100% natural with ZERO preservatives. Most of my products have a shelf life of about 60 days. Everything from toners, cleansers, masks, scrubs, bug repellent, lotions, soaps, body washes, make up, lip balm, anti-aging, moisturizers, and dry shampoos. I have so much more too. I did pretty good at it before I think I just got too big for my own self and got scared before really. But I am going big right off the bat. I have two GREAT spokes people right off the bat for my products and both of them have  HUGE marketing power! Since I can’t go back to using my education and brain (oh well, who cares about the $100,000 in student loans I have I can’t use my education because my wonderful husband decided it best for me to be retarded now), I might as well do something I can make money at. I have all my recipes written down so my friend said he would help me and even help me with my start up cost and invest into my company (of course with a return on his investment plus percentage for the first year). I figure Avon and Mary Kay started some place, so can I! The only difference between them and me… they have preservatives in their products which are meant to preserve the shelf life of the product not your skin. My products are meant to preserve the shelf life of your skin not the product. Oddly enough, I am actually using my experience with my husband as the name of the product line, Vain Addiction. My slogan, “its okay to be addicted to beauty” All of my products will have names that are catchy. I will make money at this. I am not afraid this time of success. I figure if I can snag a guy who is 10 years my junior (And my boyfriend before him was in his 20s), my skin must be in good shape. I get compliments all the time.

So there ya go. Something new and something old. A new old venture. SInce I can’t use my brain in the manner of which I normally would with my education and experience, I might as well try to do something I enjoy. I have never been one for a hand out (unlike Joseph who asks for sympathy at every doorstep and every chance)


Funny, I wonder if they Judge would change his mind on the rehab if he knew that Joseph got kicked OUT of the Marines because he FAILED rehab for DRUGS not once but MULTIPLE times in the Marines. He failed a 90 day INTENSE IN PATIENT Rehab that his ex inlaws paid for (found that out this weekend) because he BOUGHT drugs while in the rehab. Why did he go to that rehab? Because he was on probation and it was a way to get out of probation EARLY! Yeah, good job on that one everyone dropping the ball once again! I found out this weekend too that his charges in New Hampshire for drugs (and one in Kentucky too) he went to REHAB to get out of trouble. See a pattern here? Seems it all worked out and yet again he is being sentenced to rehab and I have to find other ways to find income! Aint that freaking awesome!

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