A little Back story

Give you a little back story on Joseph. I found out he was doing late March/ early April 2015 when he was admitted to the hospital for having a lung infection. Thinking about it now, it was probably from smoking meth. I pride myself for NEVER doing drugs in my life time and never will! Of course this pissed me off. However, I am a good wife. So I promised to love him through rehab. God damn am I stupid.

The doctor asked me to leave the room, and I did. While standing outside the room, the nurse asked me if I knew of any Joseph’s habits. I was confused at first and then it hit me. All the signs were there. The weight loss. The jitters. The hallucinations. The accusations. The nights of no sleep. Everything. I just didn’t see it. Drugs! I got pissed and when the doctor came out, I went in and told him I was leaving! I was PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like MAD like there was no tomorrow! Of course he told me he was never going to do drugs again.

He was doing good. Gained weight back and everything. Actually got a belly. It was so nice to have him back. Then of course that didn’t last long! DRUGS WILL NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE HIM! THAT IS ALL JOSEPH MICHAEL DE RISO CARES ABOUT! IS DRUGS! DRUGS IS HIS LOVER!  I a sure if you looked at his drug screenings at the VA, you would see Benzo abuse. You would see him shooting other drugs. You would see him shooting up lord knows what. It is sad that I actually wish him some days to become a heroin addict and OD from the bad strain of drugs that is going around my area. I really do! I know that is evil. I know that is bad. However, the amount of pain he has put me through and the amount of pain he has put his kids through and the amount of pain he has put his ex through… he would be doing us all a favor. His poor babies, 6, 8, and 9 are in counseling BECAUSE OF HIM! They are the most precious and wonderful little humans ever. I love my step kids like they are my own kids ( I don’t believe in loving step kids any less or different just because they are step kids). I feel so bad because their dad id such a fuck up they will never know him in a positive manner because he only cares about the drugs. he says , “my kids are my life.” No asshole they are not. Your glass dick you suck on is your life! That needle you put in your vein is your life! That crack rock you smoke is your life! That meth what ever form meth comes in is your life (sorry I don’t do drugs so I am clueless when it comes to that stuff).

Joseph Michael De Riso has admitted to me that the ENTIRE time we were together he was doing meth! How stupid am I that I didn’t see it?!?!?! Or was it that I was just too damn busy working 70 hours a week to pay all the bills and his bills that I was not around to see it? He used to accuse me of so much shit and looking back on it now, it was all him doing the same shit he was accusing me of.

I have to wonder if everything I have learned about him since I have left him is because he did things to support this drug habit. He committed fraud against his ex wife (opened up a bank account in her name without her permission) and then filed taxes IN her name when they were not even together and even signed her name to collect over $5000 not giving her a dime of it. Wonder if it was to support a drug habit!

He screwed his employees out of $16000 and said he never got the check. Come to find out later he dd after I caught him in that lie and confronted him on it. I wonder if that was to support a drug habit.

He used to come home with things from his old job all the time and tell me they were things he bought. But then he would sell them on Ebay because he said he bought them cheap and would flip them for much more. I wonder now if they were stolen from his job when he worked fixing trucks for FEDEx and this was to support a drug habit.

God why was I so stupid!? And to think that his family covers for him! Joseph Michael De Riso’s family covers for his actions all time time. hell they send him money all the time to cover for him and support his drug habit then they blame everyone else for his troubles he gets himself into. I am sure they blame me for him sitting in jail right now. Of course I a the one who forced him to do what ever drug it is he did. I don’t remember what drug it was the judge said he did or that Joseph admitted to doing in court. They blame his ex wife for he not letting him see the kids even though it is Joseph’s fault for not seeing the kids because he drives up there and becomes violent with the father in law  or starts a fight with his ex wife. They blame me for him getting kicked out of the place we were renting because I refused to pay his rent any more. They talk shit about his ex wife and say “which personality did she have today” when it is because of Joseph that she has to be a hard nose because of the abuse he put her through too.

When three women in a row file for a restraining order against one man, I would think the common denominator would become obvious. However, not to Joseph Michael De Riso or his family. Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to sociopaths or delusional people.


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