WHats been going on with me

I haven’t updated for a while. I wanted to wait to get settled in my home in the upper northwest. I won’t give my exact whereabouts only because I still live in fear of my ex, Joseph Micheal De Riso. He and his family have made threats against my safety. It is sad, his mother, Mary Ann De Riso of Port Station (Long Island), NY, enables his abusive behaviors, drug use and using people. His doctor  (Dr. R****) at the ADAPT program at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital enables his behavior even though Joseph Micheal De Riso continues to fail his drug test and conditions of the ADAPT program (and his Veteran’s Court treatment program of staying clean from drugs).

My ex, Joseph Micheal De Riso is now living in (according to the PI I have hired to find him so he can be served with court papers), is staying in a “sober living half-way house” even though from the PI’s surveillance there is constant drug use and violations of the state’s guidelines of a sober living house. My ex gets prescribed Suboxone by the VA and I am sure he most likely selling them to support his other habit of Benzo and alcohol abuse. His addiction is more important than his own children and others who he should care about. He gets prescribed an average of 55 each month and before I moved out because of him beating on me pretty bad (see my previous posts WITH photos), I caught him selling his pills and taking Benzos that he bought off the street.

So I am in the upper northwest settled into my home pretty well. I am not liking that is is cold as heck here. But hey, it is thousands of miles away from my ex. Funny though I got a call from the Social Security Administration about him filing for disability. They were not aware of him working. I gave them proof of him working. He is a con artist and the injuries he has, he aggravates on his own through shooting up and crashing his bike while high. Why should anyone else pay for his own doing? He believes that everyone else should take care of him and he shouldn’t have to work. But then when you have your mommy enabling your behavior (and his sister’s behaviors …drug use, gang activity, drug dealing, gun running), of course it  is normal that one would believe that everyone else should take care of him.

Well, back to me. So I went back to the doctor in my area (had to drive an hour to go to the nearest cancer center), because I just wasn’t feeling right. Well, it seems my remission wasn’t that long. It is what it is though. I am a tough chic. I got this. Plus I have a strong support network who has all known me for many years.

Speaking of support network, I have got back in touch with several people I served with 19-20 years ago. One of them is a good friend who I have always thought about and cared for. He has known me for 19 years and it is like our friendship never stopped. He helped me move here to this area. It is beautiful.

Last week, despite feeling drained, I was in Vegas with my best friend. This was the first year I went by myself and single. I wasn’t much fun. I was in a wheel chair for the most part. The pain I live in daily is bad. I have an appt to go to see an ortho doc next week who we are going to discuss my options for surgery on my lower back.

One more thing my ex, Joseph Michael De Riso, knew about. I have protruding and bulging disks. Despite having knowledge of having cancer and the back problems, he didn’t care while he was beating me and slamming my head against the wall. Sad really!!!! And he has lied to the cops too. (that is about to catch up to him…next month in court…oh wait I shouldn’t give up too much on that because I don’t think he needs to know everything and trust me I have proof he has knowledge of this blog AND reads it often). He does have court next month for violation of probation for his DUI and he will be going to jail because he can’t get out of at least four of the nine violations.

I refuse to take pain pills and live on Motrin. Motrin of course doesn’t touch it. But hey, it is better than nothing. Funny. I still have almost all of my pain pills prescribed to me in July from my oncologist in Tampa. I had to hide them from him when I was still with him because he didn’t care I was in pain. It was all about his wants. I wanted to tell more before I press publish.

First about my ex, Joseph Micheal De Riso, he has lied to his VA doc about not speaking to me and acts like it is my fault he is not speaking to me…like I haven’t reached out to him. Well, I have and he called me a “no good whore” and proceeded to tell me that he will make sure that I spend every day looking over my shoulder because he will make sure my life is ruined. After he threatened me with “going to prison” because he is telling the cops a bunch of lies (that I can refute..but still a threat is a threat) and he threatened me saying “I know where you are at all times. You can never hide from me. I will make sure that every day you are reminded until you are dead, you will know you can’t have anyone else.”

Then his mother made a threat against me saying “I will make sure you are found” and that she will “have [me] taken care of.” Well, as much as I would love to say I live in fear, the compound I live on the security is so tight, they would have a hard time getting in without some serious issues from the very heavily armed security that makes rounds all the time. So bring it trash!!!!

I have been approved as a shoe designer for an upscale, hand craft made from the finest Italian leather IN Italy shoe company. I have one shoe so far in production and will have more soon. I am so excited about that. As well, I have been approved as a designer with a high end suit manufacturer to design men’s suits. And I have been accepted as a designer for a woman’s clothing line too. All these are high end and pricey but very much worth the money.

So my ex, Joseph Micheal De Riso, a druggie who beats women, is a psychopath, uses people, and lies to everyone to paint himself out to be a victim, can make little threats all day long. And his mother can too (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… she conned a person into buying her house and business building because she gave them a sob story). They don’t know where I am. The Court systems do and that is it. No one else needs to know…..well, other than my close friends and of course my children.


Of and when his ex, Chrissy, reads this, please get in contact with me ASAP! You can email me nikolderiso@fastservice.com. I have information for you that can help you protect the children from him and help you achieve what you want. I have all the information you need on his drug use CURRENTLY! I have the proof you need too about his money he has had come in over the last 10 months. This will help you when it comes to the one proceeding you need to get back on to make sure the children are okay. And please tell the kids I miss them. I do love them. They deserve happiness and with him around, it will never happen.

And when his mommy reads this (or even his drug dealing, gun running sister), you don’t scare me with your trash and your mouth! You can believe all his lies! You refuse to see reality. It is NOT a coincidence that the relationship with me, Chrissy and Melissa have all ended with a restraining order and him getting in trouble for violence and drugs. SO you and your band of trash can make threats…each of them are recorded and have been sent to the right people.

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